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If you don’t know what Nofap is, read this introduction first.

Nofap Hardmode

Nofap is a growing community of men who believe online porn and masturbation has a negative impact on their lives.

The men of Nofap, counter to what normal society believes, are on a mission to quit looking at porn and masturbation to improve their lives.

Some men, take Nofap even further;refusing to have sex in addition to quitting porn and masturbation.

Is it too extreme to quit having sex for… health benefits? 

That depends on whether or not you have a problem with sex.

If you can’t go through basic life tasks like grocery shopping without becoming distracted by thoughts of women you’ve been with, women you want to be with or images of women in your head you’ve touched yourself to: you may be addicted to sex. You may not be addicted to sex either. But, you’re weak and lack discipline.

You’ll never be worthy of anything without discipline.

Addicted to the Female Body

You can become addicted to anything.

The mind has a way of falling prey to unfavorable habits & patterns.

What you do is what you become.

If you paint, you’re a painter. If you spend most of your days chasing women, you’re a boy who still needs the approval of women, like a child who needs the approval of his mother, instead of a man–a king–who seeks the approval of himself and his peers who want the best of him.

True strength is deriving all of your confidence from your actions; from inside, not from external opinions and judgement like how many women you’ve slept with or if the cute receptionist at your work looks at you today.

Other opinions don’t matter.

Society can make a man feel like he’s worthless unless he has a band of women vying for his attention at all times: this is far from the truth.

A man’s worth isn’t determined by his sexual hit-list. A man’s value is determined by his accomplishments.

Is a man doing what he wants and making progress and getting better at whatever it is he enjoys doing? That’s progress; having a passion and spending time improving the craft.

Mastery is masculine.

Sex is pleasureable

But sex isn’t fulfilling like achievement is. No one will remember who you slept with after you’re dead and gone but the world will remember the impact you left behind.

The world remembers Musashi: The greatest Swordsman to ever live

What Is Nofap Hardmode?

nofap hardmode 2

Nofap Hardmode is a difficult challenge.

The Nofap Hardmode variation of the Nofap challenge requires a man to give up all sexual-experiences for a set period of time: Usually 90 days, but, the individual can change the time-frame of the challenge.

Many men now believe their internet porn and masturbation habits aren’t good for their health.

Some men who’ve been addicted to porn and masturbation for a long time can become addicted to body parts, seeing women as vessels for their pleasure instead of people.

Becoming addicted to a person or an entire gender restricts your growth as a man like cutting off the blood flow of your arm by tying barbed wire around your bicep.

Addicted men have difficulty making eye contact with a woman, refusing to see her as a person. Men addicted to body parts know they’re different. They know they’re creeps and have shame as a companion never leaving their side.

Men addicted to sex and porn feel disconnected from reality. The spend most of their days with their cocks in hand, or, holding their phones swiping on tinder so aggressively the screens of their phones crack under the immense pressure exerted; praying for a match and an invitation for a dick pick or an opportunity for sex.

There are more important things in your life than sex & pleasure.

Why Give up Sex and Porn?

If you can’t sit in a coffee shop and study by the window without looking at every woman’s backside as strangers walk by who you’ll never talk to; your life isn’t under you control anymore.

Giving up sex and pornography and taking on the Nofap hardmode challenge will increase your discipline and show you how strong–or weak–your discipline is.

Like Tyler Durden said in the popular movie Fight club: “we’re a generation of men raised by women. I’m wondering if another woman is really what we need.

Sex can become an addiction. Instead of living for a purpose men can lose their sense of worth and chase empty pleasures like mindless animals seeking to spread their seed instead of spreading their influence and achieving something great.

Is Nofap Hardmode right for you?

nofap hardmode right for you

Have you accomplished your goals?

Do you have any goals?

If you don’t have a direction in life and spend most of your time going out, looking for your next score, trying to get laid, NoFap Hardmode may be right for you, or at least worth a try.

Try going a week without sex or masturbation

If you can’t, you have a problem.

You’re too attached to sex. Having attachments is a horrible weakness. Having attachments to your responsibilities is your duty. An attachment to your destiny, or your chosen path you dedicated your life to is the proper way to live.

Attachment to vice is hell.

Sex can become a vice; no different than heroine or an addiction to video games.

Great men don’t chase women

Strong men understand their potential is infinite. But, there’s no difference between a strong man and a weak man except for the level of self-believe and the self-talk inside the minds of weak men and strong men.

Strong men have different habits too.

Strong men believe they can do anything. They’re flexible and adaptive. They don’t have any attachments nor do they need anything to survive and be happy.

A weak man can’t survive a week without his phone or the affection of his girlfriend, or, the affection of random women below his standards he finds on Tinder or the backpages of Craigslist personals.

To understand your potential you need to challenge yourself. How can you know what you’re made of if you’ve never checked?

Nearly every man on his death bed has regrets.

Great men chase their dreams and beautiful women chase them. Think of a professional athlete: he doesn’t waste his time chasing girls; he spends his time becoming better at his sport. His profession.

Only thirsty men chase women and a thirsty man is a pathetic little-boy who still needs to be breast-fed to know his place in the world.

Women don’t want to be chased

Women are attracted to men with a purpose.

Sex is not a purpose nor a reason to live.

If you’re spending significant amounts of your time focused on getting laid: Take some time and consider if your lifestyle is really the best you can do.

Elon Musk is human: no different than you.

You’re better than needing the approval of women.

NoFap Hardmode Summary

Nofap hardmode is a challenge for men to break their attachment to sex. To take the challenge, you need to set a goal of abstaining from sex and porn for a set amount of time: usually a minimum of 90 days.

During the Hardmode challenge focus on yourself. Ask hard questions like: what do I want my legacy to be? What do I want to be remembered for?

All men are born kings. We forget this. As men we forget everything we need: we already have. We don’t need women, we only need a path that gives us meaning: that path isn’t sex.

Find a purpose other than sex. Leave a mark on the planet greater than a natural disaster from a volcano blocking out the sun. Die without regrets; nothing else left to do.



  1. Thanks bro! I just started nofap and after 8 days I had sex. I’ve decided to go hard mode and just hope the girl I’m dating will understand. Question, can I still pleasure her or is that breaking hard mode rules?


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