Jordan Peterson is a brilliant man. One of the most important thought leaders of our time, Peterson is like the wizard Gandalf, bringing light to a land covered in darkness. Lies. Lies are darkness.

Peterson became known through his university lectures–he is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. He posts on YouTube, not expecting compensation, but, posting his content because he is acting to implement the change he wants to see in the world. As opposed to the current trend which entails talking and signaling the way you want the world to change, for social media followers and virtue points among a tribe that eats its own routinely.

The social justice scourge is toxic, even to itself. The monster needs a constantly-available gutter to feed on virtue points, even if it comes from consuming the people who built the movement.

The beast needs more virtue.

Not true virtue, the 2019 kind of virtue: label and accuse others, to stand on the dead corpses of reputation.

If your movement is based on lies, it will never succeed.

A lie isn’t just not telling the truth; a lie can manifest in multiple dimensions. Like, preaching your virtue but acting in a manner which displays as much virtue as a priest who steals church donations from the poor box.

Signaling your virtue, without doing anything virtuous, isn’t just a hypocritical, it’s a spiritual perversion which can only end in complete moral collapse. And, a definite collapse of the group in time.

Living truthfully to the values you preach–with your behavior–is the only way to live a virtuous life. But that’s hard because it requires effort and discipline. Virtue signaling requires neither effort nor discipline. And social justice is lazy activism.

Virtue signaling and social justice requires betrayal, overly-identifying with emotions and throwing them at strangers online, complete adherence to cult rule and joining in modern witch hunts and, virtue & victim competitions.

Every lie adds to a burden carried by the group. Eventually, with enough lies, even the strongest group will fall–from outside, or inside–eating itself. Like the Romans.

Truth will win, but the good people, who live their truth instead of preaching it, need to fight against the darkness.

Jordan Peterson is a man of Truth

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Jordan Peterson is a kerosene-soaked torch in the darkness and his followers are the fire. The more he produces, the greater his fire becomes. More followers.

Jordan Peterson live-streamed, on accident; likely because he used his Webcam to check his teeth.

He browsed the web, watched a short clip from Steven Crowder, a right-wing caller, then had a conversation with his wife and called a new social justice movement, “fucking pricks”.

Even though Peterson didn’t know he was on a live stream, he behaved no differently than how he presents himself in public. He lives his message. He is truth.

A beacon of truth is a hero

An individual who lives in the light of truth, no matter how dark the world gets, is a lighthouse for others who feel the pain of the darkness and need hope.

Being truthful is a requirement for being a great leader. A hero.

A hero’s followers support the hero. Unlike a commander who leads with lies.

Peterson’s followers in the live-stream protected him. And, there’s nothing that could have happened his followers didn’t expect, because Peterson is authentic.

His people, once they knew Peterson was unaware, began seeking out a manner to alert him. And they did.

In the video, you can clearly hear some kind of notification and Peterson realizing he live-streamed a moment of his life he didn’t intend to.

Nothing happened.

He turned off the stream and briefly thanked the people who tried to alert him. When you’re authentic your followers will support you and protect you. Even if you are completely wrong, the trust of your followers will protect you. As long as you’re authentic.

Manipulation via inspiration leadership

A strong leader will inspire his followers to protect him because the strong leader protects his followers. He leads with a vision others can understand. He lives for a purpose, he has a why.

All strong leaders inspire with their why. Simon Sinek created the golden circle in his book, start with why, that’s required reading for anyone looking to create massive change.

A movement based on manipulation can’t survive because the followers of a corrupt movement look to destroy their leader, as their leader looks to sacrifice each follower when it provides an advantage. Leader and followers manipulating each other, trapped in a prison they build themselves, brick by brick until complete suffocation ensues.


We need more individuals who lead with inspiration, not manipulation. We need more leaders like Jordan Peterson. Leaders who start with why.

To be a good leader, understand your why. There is no other way.

The Andreian philosophy why is self-fulfillment through accomplishment. For everyone who wants greatness.

What’s your why?

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