musashi 21 principles - principle 8

This article is the Eight Principal in the series: Musashi’s 21 principles for life.

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Never Let Yourself be Saddened by a Separation

Saddened by a seperation

Musashi Principle No.8 | Never let yourself be saddened by a Separation

You don’t own anything except yourself.

You don’t own your wife–even if you’re married.

You don’t know anyone either. Except yourself; if you’re lucky. The deep, introspective types are rare. Even if you are one, understanding yourself is difficult.

Humans are complex.

If humans operated on logic they’d be less complex. Emotions complicate our choices. Humans are still emotional, like animals, because a long time ago emotions kept us safe from a world much different than the one we live in now.

Emotions like the flight or fight response, are outdated human operating systems like an old school Razer flip-phone today. Out systems aren’t designed for TV’s and virtual reality.

No one can Rely on Their Emotions

Your wife may leave you because her emotions command her to go.

Your son runs away from home because you’re an asshole dad who won’t let your boy get Straight F’s while he hangs-out with his smelly stoner friends regularly.

Your boss fires you even though you work harder than him and have been with the company longer.


  • You don’t own your wife. You married her.
  • You don’t own your son. You birthed him from your balls.
  • You don’t own your job. You were contracted to another man to help him build his legacy as he walks on your face up the stairs to the penthouse.

You Control how you Perceive Everything


Marcus Aurelius, ancient stoic, spoke often: ‘we control our perception to things. Not things themselves.’

It doesn’t matter what happens. What matters is your response to situations. We all have free will–free to decide our attitudes towards all things; nothing could be better. Even if you’re broke, homeless, or still living with your mom; you decide your attitude towards your circumstances. Those who exude confidence, before challenge; instead of fear, are the few who change the world. The rest of us live under the changes of creators.

Few Change the World – the Rest Live in it

A handful of people change the world. The inventors, the creators, the dreamers and the fighters. The rest? They live with the choices of the great few. Want your say? DO more. Be more. hiding from the world, says you’re meaningless to the world.

Responding to Tragedy

Control your reactions.

Your wife left you.

Good. She was too old, and, never blew you anyway.

Your son ran away.

Good. He’ll see what the world looks like as a failure. There is no future for the lazy. He’ll have to work hard–to survive. He left the nest. He could come back, begging to move back in–once he sees the true-nature of the world and it’s cruelty.

Your boss fires you.

You hated that job. You’re no longer stressed. You perceive your firing, no different than a doctor removing a potato-sized tumor from your brain. You start the company you’ve always wanted. You make money. You’re happy.

You can cry or you can thrive.

Own what you can: your perception. Continue walking on the path while the losers on the side cry, hate, and wait to die.



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