musashi 21 principles - principle 7

This article is the seventh Principle in the series: Musashi’s 21 principles for life.

Musashi’s 21 Principles

Each principle has its own article expanding upon the wisdom of Miyamoto Musashi.

Never be Jealous

musashi rule 7

Musashi Principle 7 | Never be jealous.

After a certain age, you can’t compare yourself to others. You’re too different – you have too much experience. The landscape is different for everyone once you leave the nest.

Different households produce different kids.

You compare yourself against your peers in grade-school. You should. You aren’t a person yet. However, different households produce different kids. Most people, still carry the belief they need to compare themselves to their peers as adults. Let go.

Behind the veil

behind the veil

Don’t be jealous of the neighbors new car.

They took a personal loan out for the Range Rover because their credit is dead – dead like Bowie, and costs 21% interest per year. Average people who buy luxury items want you to be jealous. They don’t understand all the answers are inside – like you do.


People are like icebergs

You see the Iceberg’s beautiful peak, gently peaking out from the cold, ice-fragment spotted Arctic sea.

The range Rover is the peak of the iceberg. Below the visible mass, The extent of the Iceberg lives. Unseen, below almost-black waters, rarely seen. People are more complex than they appear. You see less than 1% of a person and, even less of their true self because people project how they want to be seen; not who they are.

The neighbor wants you to know he’s rich. Really, he has more debt than the united states of America. He smiles and waves. Washing her. He pays more attention to that car than his wife – or children. Below the surface of the Range Rover, the iceberg below, rots away. He’s dying on the inside; like a tree infested with termites.

Compare yourself to who you were yesterday

Sports are a competition against yourself; not the other team. Games are won during practice. The game is a display of how practiced a team, or fighter is. Preparation wins. Not playing.

Athletes don’t need to beat their opponents. They need to beat their fears. Athletes are Alaskans looking for baby seals to club; kill all the fears.

If you’re prepared – you don’t worry

Even if you fail, there’s no shame; you did everything right. After a loss, take account of your shortcomings and analyze: what could have gone better?

Guilt only comes if you do the wrong thing; and you know it. Moving against the muse. Calling in sick when you should practice.

Forget what someone else has. Compete with the man you were yesterday. Become 1% better every day. You don’t know someone else’s journey, you only see the tip of their ice berg. Not who they are, you can’t compare yourself against them.

You know who you were yesterday.

Beat that guy today.


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