Listen to motivational videos

Motivational videos suck.

Think about this for a moment.

Did Connor McGregor watch motivational videos of other fighters created by ten-year-olds on youtube to become a legendary mixed martial artist?


He fights.

You become talented through repetition. Repetition works for good and bad. You can acquire skills that you may not want to be good at. Or, you can practice being good at a bad habit, like learning how to master the improper technique of a golf swing.

You don’t have a choice in becoming better or worse.

You have a choice in how you use time.

watching motivational videos all day will not:

  • Make you a better fighter.
  • Get beautiful women to talk to you.
  • Increase the number of 0s in your bank account.

Watching motivational videos makes you good at watching motivational videos.

What you do is who you become.

Spending all day masturbating and looking at porn will transform you into a sewer troll who’s stink of desperation wears like Abercrombie cologne.

Others will know who you are.

They don’t know how you got there, but they know you’re a winner or loser.

Compare the man who wears flip-flops with every outfit he owns complementing the band T-shirt with mustard stains.


The man with the suit, tailored to perfection, is a winner. You don’t know what he does with his life. You do know he presents himself better than Mr. Burnout.

Mr. burnout watches motivational videos.

Suit-soldier doesn’t need motivation: he needs his work. His work lives in his blood like a parasite slowly taking command of his nervous system. He’s possessed. Controlled by an unknown force to create, build, and destroy.

What does this have to do with motivational videos and why do they suck?

Motivational videos suck because watching a video does not increase your experience in any craft, albeit making motivational videos if you want to be nit-picky. Motivational videos hype you up by stealing all of your attention. Motivational videos captivate you like a movie.

Motivation fades in an hour or two max. Like a movie, motivation ends.

Discipline stays with us forever. You enjoy doing what You’re good at. You become good at something by doing it often. Whatever you want to do with your life, do it. It’s your calling and your purpose by right of choice.

After the first year of practice that is.

You need to teach your brain this is who you are, what you do, and the chosen craft.

One of the ways to teach your brain is through suggestion. Videos aren’t effective at this because the time can be spent working instead.

Work is the best way to improve. Always.

How do we watch motivational videos, without watching them, and still enjoy them? Wordy question. Answer below.

Instead of Listening to Motivational Videos turn them into songs and take them everywhere.

Watching TV, movies, or motivational videos is passive. You sit back while someone stands under artificial lighting telling you to do better and believe in yourself.

The video ends.

Still sitting in the one room apartment with mountains of credit card debt resembling skulls pillaged from a conquered army. Time to call mom for the couch.

Listen to motivational videos instead.

If motivational videos are made to hype you up, what better place to listen to them than the gym?

Motivational videos should not be listened to in the car or walking. Any transportation. You can listen to an audiobook instead. You will learn something instead of the temporary dopamine rush from thinking you’re a unique grain of sand on Daytona Beach.

Start with two free audiobooks.

Motivational videos are for the gym to increase focus and intensity. Mix them in with your favorite songs to get a skull-splitting gym experience Dwyane Johnson would be jealous of.

Below is a guide to get motivational videos on your device. Some of the strategies below are questionable by the legal system. This blog is not responsible for anything you do in your own time nor do we recommend anything we say on this site.

Land of the free?


Land of the law.

How To Add Motivational Videos As Songs To Your Device

samsung phone device

Do not let having your phone at the gym distract you.

Working out and training requires total focus. The smartphone also requires total focus. Except the smartphone isn’t productive-you’re addicted to it.

If you check your phone at the gym, stop bringing it.

For those with discipline, buy Bluetooth earbuds.

Bluetooth earbuds allow you to listen to music(Motivational Speeches)without having your phone on your person. You can leave your phone in a gym bag, or small draw-string bag you bring with you. Most Bluetooth earbuds have controls so you can adjust volume and change songs. No wires is a plus too.

Best Amazon Bluetooth Earbuds

  1. Anker Soundbuds | 32.00
  2. Taotronics Bluetooth Earbuds | 25.99
  3. Phaiser BHS-750 | 35.99

Another option, albeit a little historic is using an iPod shuffle. Apple made a poor decision and stopped selling iPod shuffles. You can still find them on craigslist.

The shuffle clips to your clothing as a handy sidekick for a mean gym pump. You don’t have to look at your iPod to change the song. You reach for it, press next, that’s that.

Continuing forward to crush a Squat Personal record.


How to turn videos into mp3 or mp4 songs

Many websites can take a video URL (web address) and convert it into a file ready to download. An mp3 or mp4 file perfect for your phone or iPod.

Video-conversion services are barely a step above Limewire, an early 2000’s file-sharing platform known for infecting computers with viruses & bootlegged songs. YouTube to MP3 video converting websites aren’t as bad as Limewire, but don’t go forward without a strong ad blocking service.

Traditional ad blockers are google chrome extensions and work okay.

The best ad blocker is brave, a web browser made by former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich.

Brave blocks all ads and trackers. The Ad-blocking service is built in and unstoppable against those who dare sell you a mattress on a labor-day sale.

There is no affiliation with Brave. They make an excellent product, Andreia brings it to you.

Once you download and install Brave, you’re ready to convert motivational videos into songs. At the bottom of this post is a list of videos recommended for you.

To find a Youtube To MP3 converter, Google it.

When you’re converting your videos the best strategy is to have five or six different websites open. Conversions can be hit or miss.

Your first provider choice this month may not work next month.

There doesn’t seem to be a linear pattern. On occasion, youtube to MP3 video converters just don’t work.

Open five or six of the websites and have your motivational videos ready. Copy the URL of the video and paste it into the convert-box on the website and hit go, proceed, launch or run.

Then wait.

If your conversion was successful the file will automatically download. Do not sign up for any services, make an account, or join any programs. The youtube to mp3 services are free without much looking.

Once your files have been downloaded, put the songs onto your iPod Shuffle or Phone with Bluetooth Earbuds. Now you’re ready to lift weights and be productive while hearing the words of a motivational video you didn’t need to watch.

Top Five Power Speech Motivational Videos

  1. How to become a millionaire | Jack Ma
  2. New Year New You | Tony Robbins
  3. Law of Attraction | Connor Mcgregor
  4. You Are Powerful | Diddy
  5. Hustle Hard | 50 Cent

What’s your favorite motivational video you’re going to turn into a song? Post it below.

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