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You never thought it would happen to you…

You’ve heard other people talk about depression, but you thought they were weak.

You’ve seen the hollowness in someone’s eyes before, but you just labeled them beta, without purpose, or even pathetic.

But you?

No way, you’re way too manly for depression.

Then one day, life hit you. And it hit you hard.

Now you now find yourself in the demographics of all those people you looked down on with pity before.

Maybe it was an incident that shattered your dreams and led you down a dark rabbit hole. Perhaps it was a birthday in passing that made you realize you are so much further behind than you thought yourself capable of.

Health problems, divorce, a mind that just won’t cooperate…

Whatever the case, you are not alone.

Depression is becoming a more relevant problem than ever. And it is real, not some manufactured cry for attention.

As guys, we are ashamed to admit that even we need help sometimes. So, instead of fixing the root cause of our problems, we shell up.

We hide our problems. And, if you’re like me, you might even try to deny their existenceNot only to others but to yourself.

Eventually, we become angry and irritable. As we push the people we care about away, we have no explanation why. With no action plan and no sign of escape, we may descend further into vices like drugs and alcohol.

Depression hijacks our outlook and shifts it from previous optimism to negativity, self-pity, and decay.

Soon enough, our activities and thoughts are like slaves that turn the wheel, generating the power to fuel your depression.

Freedom From The Slavery Of Depression

They say if you drop a frog in boiling water, it is quick to jump out. However, if the frog is dropped in lukewarm water, he will not notice the temperature rising as it boils around him.

Eventually, it is too late and all life leaves him…

Depression is the same.

The longer we leave depression in control of our mood and life, the more our circumstances and outlook come to a boiling point.

Deny it, avoid it, hide from it…sooner or later, you are going to realize you should have acted sooner.

Depression is perpetual when left unaddressed.

As your outlook on life sours, your mind becomes a hospitable place like the street corner three blocks from the soup kitchen. Consequently, our external circumstances begin to mirror our internal unrest.

Then, we have even more things to be discontent about.

You’ve got to jump out…Now!

The Solution?

Unfortunately, there is no easy fix for depression. Hard work is the fix itself.

Even those pills that the doctor so readily pushes your way won’t get to the root of your problem. Instead, they create dependency by allowing you a little legroom to further ignore the real problems at play as the water continues to boil around you.

However, there is a framework which is absolute and undeviating. By following it, we can eradicate depression from our lives and ensure that it never comes back.

In short, we need new practices of thought. We need new direction, new values, a renewed sense of purpose and a clean bill of health.

And, lastly, we need to understand a few spiritual concepts that we have lost touch with as a result of the drastic shifts in the lives we live compared to our distant ancestors.

In Man’s Guide to Well-Being, we will go in-depth into each part of the framework. We will lay out exactly what needs to be done. Additionally, you will find 11 printable worksheets to aid and accelerate the process.


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Achieving Your Personal Potential

Women base their value on their relationships…Men base their value on accomplishments.

Men are wired to achieve and advance.

Progress is so intertwined with our biological chemistry that we receive rewards of the neurotransmitter dopamine when we accomplish something we set our mind to.

This is simple psychology.

Unfortunately, modern man has retreated to comfort. Overweight, in debt, and without goals…This is what has become of the average man today.

A man should feel like a warrior, not a sluggard…

No more. It’s time to step up.

Nobody is coming to do the work for you.

In part one of Man’s Guide to Well-Being we are going to give your life direction. You will find inspiration and actionable advice to become a man who knows he is going somewhere.  

And, as you step closer to your full potential day by day, you will find the outside circumstances of your life improving at rates you didn’t realize possible a few weeks prior.


Mastering Your Thoughts and Emotions

The second battle takes place in the mind. We must learn to control our emotions rather than be controlled by them.

In Man’s Guide to Well-Being, we have hand-selected techniques to master the mind and emotions from all corners and all philosophies.

You will receive a blend of actionable advice from philosophies such as Stoicism, Taoism, Vedanta, and plain old Common Sense.

By the right application of thought, we can transcend our emotions and learn to use them to our advantage wherever they take us. We can find shelter to weather all storms.

But don’t mistake this for a psychology textbook. The advice you will receive is actionable and can be put to use the second you understand it.

We aren’t preparing you for a multiple choice test, we are preparing you for the trials of life.


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Optimizing Health

Mental health can be thought of as a direct reflection of our physical health.

If we neglect one, the other must inevitably suffer. Sour thoughts will decay the body just as a decayed body will lead to sour thoughts.

Today we face more threats to our health than ever.

Internet pornography robs our brain of precious neurotransmitters. Fast food saps our energy and vitality. Liquor stores line every block and marijuana dispensaries every other…And it is all part of the societal norm.

Additionally, we are immersed in an environment laden with chemicals that disturb hormonal balance essential to our well-being.

We need to put boundaries in place.

What do we need to avoid and what do we need to do to optimize our body and mind? You can find the answers in Man’s Guide to Well-Being.

Understanding Spiritual Basics and Creating Your Own Philosophy

Without knowing it, society bombards us with useless philosophies and ideas that ruin our well-being.

If you haven’t spent any time cultivating your own ideas about life, you can guarantee your philosophy isn’t yours at all.

You’ve been playing someone else’s game, limited by their boundaries and rules.

In the final portion of Man’s Guide to Well-Being, we will give you food for thought. New ideas will be presented for you to complete your very own roadmap to life.

Then, you will naturally find yourself living a life of abundant purpose and well-being. You will be changed from the inside out and, from there, everything else seems to fall in line.


Man’s Guide to Well-Being

Think of Man’s Guide to Well-Being as the blueprint to mastering these fundamentals.

In an easy to digest manner, you will receive the solutions to the issues that currently ail you.

Best of all, it is backed by a 110% warranty.

Don’t let depression control you for another day. Take control of your mood and life.

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