Almost a year ago, Victor Pride, proprietor of Bold & Determined, held a contest on his twitter.

He was seeking a new apprentice, someone to write a book with.

His demands included a paper written on the subject of the circadian rhythm. He wanted 3000 words in 24 hours.

I didn’t have time to complete the paper.

After I finished writing the paper and submitted it, I was selected.

When you don’t have time, and opportunity arises, you make sacrifices in order to accommodate greater opportunities.

We all have the same amount of time. 

It’s what we do with that time that separates us from our peers to be great, or to be weak. When you have time, it can be used watching Netflix, or it can be used to read, and create. This is the difference between the greats and those whom stay at the same job until their forty, divorced, overweight, and nearly suicidal.

I lived with Victor for close to two weeks.

It should have been longer. I never wanted to leave.

A word warrior damaged my advertising agency, with whom I founded the company with and had to leave to repair damages. In the time with Victor, I learned more than I could have in four years of college.

This is the power of learning from those who do, instead of those who say. The difference between learning how to start a company from a lifelong academic MBA, or a college dropout whom founded thirteen successful companies.

With Victor, we recorded all of our brainstorming sessions and thought periods.

A requirement for any artist who takes his work as serious as the work demands.

One of those recordings, became the Malibu Vice Podcast.



We only recorded one rough draft.

I was nervous.

But the work was brilliant.

Will we record more in the future? I imagine so. When two artists have such a powerful colleraberative vibe it’s difficult to stay away.

For now, see the uncut, never released, Vic & Vincent Malibu Vice Collaberation. 




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