little andreian truths

Little truths are bite sized morsels of information that improve your life. Think of little truths as easy to remember concepts you can hold in your hand like a newborn golden-yellow, furry baby chick.

Not every lesson in your life needs to be tedious or long. Sometimes hearing the right sentence, the right quote, can transform how we think about ourselves or how we interpret the world.

Print this list and hang it where it can be seen often. Or, copy your favorite little truth and keep it on your phone – waiting in your pocket for whenever you may need a reminder.

Little Truths Vol. I

little truths fit in your hand

  1. Analyze before interacting.

Think before you speak. Plan before you land.

2. The harder you pull your lats towards the ground the better your posture will be.

3. No One in history has calmed down by being told to do so.

4. You are the sum total of your daily behavior.

You are what you do. Playing video games all day makes you a nerd – regardless of how you see yourself. Binge-drinking every weekend makes you an alcoholic – regardless of how much fun you convince yourself you’re having.

Ordinary People Think Pleasure Is The Meaning Of Life.

The school of Andreia, a philosophy, teaches life-fulfillment through accomplishment. Think about the happiest moments of your life. Your BIGS wins. Winning your little-league T-ball championship, getting a raise, your FIRST born child.

Winning makes us feel… good.

6. No one wants to hear about you; even when you respond to them when they speak about themselves.

Dual purpose. Don’t show your cards to others; speak about them, ask them questions, so they’ll expose their values and you will remain a mystery.

The more someone knows about you the more vulnerable you become. Information is power.

7. The more pleasures you have the more masters you serve.


8. Attraction is a pressure cooker. Let it sit.

Attraction begin with a beautiful smile.

9. A full time job will never make you miserable. But, it will never make you happy either.

The agents Of Average lie to your face.

10. Most People Quit At 40%.

quitting at 40

Let your body fail. Silence your mind.

11. Think positive thoughts and carry a mantra or two of personal power.

I am a king. I am a conqueror. I am an Andreian.

12. Sometimes, the wrong thing you’re doing, isn’t wrong at all. The rules are wrong. You’re right.

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at time of challenge and controversy.

Martin Luther King.

13. Most men speak bold and do nothing.

14. Make money not friends. Being high-value is an aphrodisiac for friendship.

15. Practice everything.


16. Breathing Methods Are The Only Way To Control Your Mind

breathing methods

17. You’re judged by your accomplishments; not your attempts.

Who remembers Google Glass? Crystal Pepsi? The Facebook failure-phone?

18. Humanity is strange. Half God, half animal.

19. Life is more like cage fighting than it is dancing.

20. Everything we see will die. Therefore do not become attached, but enjoy what you have and who while they’re here.

21. Imagine your assets being lost; a wife, job, home, or business.

This will make you value what many take for granted.

22. The Meaning Of Life Is The Fight To Become The Greatest Version Of Yourself

Greatest version of yourself

23. Everything we have is on-loan from luck. Luck can make a withdrawal any time she pleases.

24. Contemplate break-ups and lost friendship. This is how you learn to treasure your connections. connection is treasure. 

25. You can make anyone fall in love with you if you master joy and simple fun.

26. For someone who hasn’t abandoned joy, Earth is a beautiful place full of opportunity.

27. Children are happier because they haven’t began taking the world granted.

Every experience is new and exciting for children. To an adult who has given up joy, most experiences are tedious or scary.

28. Some People Are Proud Of Their Inability  To Look At The World Around Them And Experience Joy.

Some people identify with fake mental diseases, so they have an excuse to blame their failures on anything except themselves. They use their faux mental illness for attention, disregarding people with mental illness issues who need help.

Self – Fulfilling Fakery – Scientific American 

29. Some people try to make depression look fashionable.

It’s not.

30. Being satisfied with little is a gift.

31. Enjoy what you have but don’t cling to it.

32. Reminiscing on death is how you appreciate life.

33. All gain and loss comes from internal responses to external events.

Not external events alone.

34. It’s Easier To Change Yourself Than The World Around You.

change yourself change the world

When you change you become a beacon of change for others. You inspire them to be like you. To follow your cause. Forcing your opinions down other’s throats, like our current social climate, is like trying to force a cue-ball down someone’s throat. It doesn’t work, doesn’t fit, and they’ll hate you for trying.

35. Do not desire things outside your control. Desire what you can control and you’ll always be happy.

It’s not an insult that hurts us; It’s how our mind responds to it that causes pain – or doesn’t.

You’ll never turn the sky purple because you hate the color blue. But, if you live in the ghetto, you can move out of the hood and get your shit together.

36. Nothing is worth doing if it doesn’t have a point.

try mowing your lawn but this time, listen to an audiobook. 

Get two free audiobooks here to start your collection.

37. Don’t be attached. Be an active participant.

If you’re attached to outcomes your emotional state will be damaged by not receiving your desired result. Instead, do your best, your true best, not your 40% this is too hard best, and disregard the outcome; you know you’re a winner when you give every shred of your being for an objective you set.

38. If the outcome of a debate or argument doesn’t matter let your opponent win.

People like people who agree with them. If someone starts an argument with you that you have no stake in, let them win. But, do so in a way that earns you credit with them. If you let someone win an argument that matters to them their subconscious mind may put them in debt to you without them realizing. Or, realizing, except they want to be in your control.

39. Instead Of Having A Balanced Meal, You Can Have Balanced Courses.

feast on courses

It’s difficult to get the required amount of protein you need in three meals a day; same with eating like a bird, six meals a day. You can have three meals a day that each have two course – most don’t think like this. Eating courses can help you meet your nutritional goals.

Remember to try everything. Find what works for you by experimenting. Disregard what doesn’t work, keep what does, don’t close your eyes to potential upgrades.

40. Eat more meat. We are predators first. That’s why our eyes are in the front of our faces.

Red meat does not cause cancer.

41. You can be the ripest, juiciest, biggest red apple in the world and there’s still going to be someone who hates apples.

42. Be the person today you needed when you were young.

There is a child now that needs your mentoring. Find them. 17 experts for the advice they’d give to their 18-year-old selves.

43. If you’re gonna half-ass something, you’re gonna half-ass it twice.

44. You Can Do Anything For 30 Seconds.

Stack enough of these mental reassurances, you can go forever.

45. The fish is killed by opening its mouth.

46. Don’t live your life by a quote. Or a little truth.

47. Eat only as many carbs as you need for energy. Or else that energy will be stored as fat, energy for later use.

Carbohydrates are locomotive fuel. Sitting at a desk requires no fuel – so don’t fill up your tank. Instead, eat protein or fat – the muscle building, hormone improving macro-nutrients.

48. The man who says the fewest words wins.

49. Life is boring without enemies to fight.

if you don’t have enemies you don’t have passion, and you have no one to compete with. Take a stance. Refuse to budge. Fight for something, once, or live for nothing.

This is the first entry in the little truths series. Don’t forget, truth is often unique to the individual and their state of mind. Often, our truths change as we age or experience life-changing events.

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