Little truths are simple points to ponder. Sometimes they’re true. Sometimes not.

Don’t think too hard about a little truth. Instead, think, “Are there any parallels from this truth to my life?

Read each truth, take a moment: pay attention to memories breaking the surface of your mind primed to explore connections.

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Little Truths | Volume 3

little truths volume 3

  1. Your job suppresses your creativity.

Your employer doesn’t want your creativity, unless, you’re creating within the walled, dead garden of time-slavery exchanged for meager wages in your corporate Ludus.

Creative employees are bad employees. Your boss doesn’t want you to think, too hard, because, thinking leads to understanding the game played against you.

Your job demands the only resource which cannot replenish: Your time.

Earth has infinite resources. You have such little time.

2. If you want more, do more.

3. Destroying your enemies is hard work. Instead, support their enemies until yours is exiled from the domain you fight over.

Fighting your enemies is hard work. Dangerous work.

Building an ally places them in your debt. You form a connection, a brotherhood, as you pull a lost-soul out of hell and carry him to your heaven. 

Build your allies’ strength until they’re formidable, but, never let them forget who cultivated their ascension. You. Don’t show your weakness. Show your kindness. Your enemies become your allies.

4. Whatever you want to do the least is what you do the first. The biggest problems bring the largest results.

big problems bad problems

Solving problems is heroic.

5. Masculinity isn’t toxic. Weak men are toxic.

6. Power is competence.

7. If it belongs to you it will come to you.

8. Breaks are for finishers.

Stop taking breaks when you’re tired. Don’t stop because you aren’t motivated. Why are you “relaxing” on the couch after a long day, sitting at your desk selling insurance while rationalizing your pathetic lack-of-ambition, discussing the same episodes of the Office, the same jokes, the same, fucking, assholes.

Breaks are for finishers.

Your kids don’t leave the table until they finish their meal.

Don’t leave your desk until you devour raw material and turn a canvas into a masterpiece.

9. Failure is not defeat.

10. Don’t measure your failures as losses. Measure your quits as losses.

you will get rejected

11. If you give a man a point or view you can change him.

12. Stop looking at pictures of women you’ve never met.

13. Muscle growth happens in a gym or a syringe.

Mental growth happens with Modafinil.

14. Creating is the only activity worth pursuing.

The real battle of the 1% VS the 99% is a fight of gods & mortals. Gods create. Normal people consume like a swarm of dusty-green locusts blanketing a farm. Moments later, nothing is left.

Normal people consume. Makers make.

Normal people take from the world, give nothing back, and ponder why they’re never happy. Creators add value to the world. Creators do what they love.

15. If you look at your work, it’s too much. If you work, it’s finished.

Get out of your head and do the work. Looking at a mountain, you see a challenge to big for any man. “I need to climb… that?” You say, like a child’s first Soccer game of his life. He’s scared. He looks at the game. The boy is overwhelmed.

Look at your feet – not the mountain. One foot after the other. You’ll get there. 

16. Don’t go broke trying to look rich.

emil hersche don't go broke

17. If you don’t work for yourself using your time, you’ll work for someone else using your time.

See rule number 1. Creativity.

18. offer help not sympathy.

19. A wandering mind is an unhappy mind.

20. Self improvement is multiplied through self evaluation.

21. If you cannot do small things well, you won’t do big things well.

If you still refuse to make your bed, how are you expecting to change the world? 

If you don’t know how to cook for yourself, how will you travel the world with nothing but a backpack?

Winners do everything well.

22. Aggressiveness and initiative are requirements for greatness.

Your momma cares about your tears. The world eats them.

23. You don’t have to be good – that comes later.

eat your fears Start.

24. Life your life as if you’re already 30.

25. Men need to operate of instinct to perform their best, not thought.

Get out of your head, man.

Your conscious mind is a pussy. Your mind will always find an excuse to hold you back. Your mind is a thick, viscous layer of motor-oil at the top of a glass of wine. The wine is your potential.

You’re somewhere, swimming in the wine, relaxing, maxing, swimming to the surface. To the oil layer. Beyond the layer is everything you want but the moment you reach your hand to pull through panic pushes you back down.

Turn your mind off. The world isn’t dangerous anymore. Create the life you want. Without fear.

26. Excuses are contagious.

27. Never show when you’re tired. Likewise, never stop when you’re tired.

Children stop playing when they’re tired. Basing your decisions off emotions is fleeting. You don’t need to “feel good” to do your best. You need to quit whining to do your best.

28. The brave die so the cowards can live.

29. Don’t explain yourself. Explain a situation.

30. Today choices effect you tomorrow.

31. We all walk together on separate paths.

32. The world is complicated. Not hard.

child labor

“You’re tired from… sitting? Is your ergonomic chair not… ergonomic enough for you?”

33. Make your competition believe they’re better than you. They relax. You take over.

34. Jordan Peterson will help you become a man

35. If you want to change the world – work.

36. When you believe challenges are difficult, they are. When you believe challenges are fun, they are.

dont be a pussy

37. Perception rules. Perception first.

38. Once you believe everything is easy – they are is.

39. Reading great books promotes powerful thoughts.

40. The world revolves around facts – not feelings.

41. Reading self-help books does nothing for your self-improvement.

42. We are what we consume.

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