little truths volume 2

Little truths are short points to make you think.

Little truths aren’t facts.

Little truths are true to some, lies to others. Different experiences prompt different interpretations of the same information. Some believe facts are lies, like the inbred-flat-earth society, who believes the government is protecting us from a giant ice-wall with white-walkers waiting on the other side. Or the edge of the universe. Or nothing.

Lessons and life-changes aren’t ceremonial. Often, hearing the right message will trigger change inside of you, desperately needed.

Write down your little truths from this list.

Write them on your bathroom mirror using an expo pen. Stare at your new reality parallel to your unshaven face.

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Little Truths Volume 2

little truths volume 2 x2

  1. Analyze instead of interact. Or, analyze before interacting.

2.The harder you pull your lats down the better your posture will be.

Imagine, your head is connected to a gold thread pulling you taught like a bow. Roll your shoulders back, along with your lats, then, push your chest forward. 

3.No one is history has calmed down by being told to do so.

4.When you yell shut the fuck up people will always do the opposite.

5.You are the sum total of your behavior. Not your thoughts.

6. Ordinary people think pleasure is the purpose of life. The purpose of life is achievement.

surrender is required for achievement

7. No one’s wants to hear about you. Not even in reply.

Let others talk about themselves. The more you speak about yourself the weaker you appear. Speaking about yourself, is, actually, projecting what you wish you were instead of what you are. Confidence is silent. Small, weak, dogs bark the loudest while the largest eat the smallest quietly.

8. The more pleasures you have the more masters you have to serve.

9. Attraction is a pressure cooker. Let it sit.

10. A full time job will never make you miserable. But, it will never make you happy either.

11. Most men quit at 40% of their potential. Or before.

12. Always revert to positive thoughts and carry a mantra or two of personal power.

I am industrious. I embrace the art I create. I refuse to criticize my work.

 13. Sometimes the wrong thing you’re doing, isn’t. The rules are wrong. You’re right.

martin luther king - little truths

Martin Luther King. Humanitarian and Orgy-aficionado.

14. Most men speak bold and do nothing.

15. Make money not friends.

Misery loves company. Men need to be comfortable in their own company. Alone. When you make money, you attract others who make money. Losers like the company of losers. Winners like the company of winners. If you’re friends aren’t winning, they’re pulling you down with them. Down to hell. Find a gang who lifts you up, who believes in your work & your talents without filling your ego. Ego gets nothing done.

16. Practice everything. Practice daily. But, only play games you can win at.

Everyone thinks they’ll make money investing in Bitcoin. That’s because most people don’t know enough, to know, they know nothing. Sharks take advantage of guppies who flex with soft teeth.

17. You’re judged by your accomplishments, not your attempts.

18. Humanity is strange. Half God half animal.

Those who create are gods. 1% of men create for 99% of the world.

19. Life is more like cage fighting than it is dancing.

20. Everything you see will die. Therefore do not become attached, but enjoy what you have while it’s here.

everyone you know will die

21. Imagining your assets taken from you; a wife, a job, a home or business. Reviewing your downfall teaches you to value what you have.

The school of Stoicism preaches this. Reviewing your death every day prepares you for life today. Your legacy matters. Without contemplating the end, you’ll never thrive now, or, tomorrow. Live today, for tomorrow. Become 1% better every day.

22. Everything we have is on-loan from luck. It can be taken from us at anytime.

23. Contemplate break-ups and ended friendships often. This is how you’ll learn to treasure your connections, and connection is treasure.

24. You can make anyone fall in love with you, if you’re a journeyman fun-haver.

People want friends & lovers in their life who know how to have a good time.

25. For someone who hasn’t abandoned joy the world is a beautiful place.

26. Children are happier because they don’t take the world for granted.

happy kids having happy fun times

Everything is new. Monotony is bad for the soul. Adults stop seeking new experiences. When you’re a child, everything is new. Everything is interesting. Adults stop finding new ways to stroke their cat, Mr. curiosity, who alone controls a majority of your happiness and requires incessant attention.

27. Some people are proud by their inability to look at the world around them and experience any joy.

28. People try to make depression look fashionable.

Depression sucks. Depression makes your life hell. Hell is real. It exists here on Earth. You’ve met people in hell. It’s terrible, but, there’s almost nothing you can do for them. Many people tolerate self-pity better than feeling uncomfortable. To get out of hell, you need to climb. Climbing is uncomfortable but the only way to change your life.

29. Enjoy what you have but don’t cling to it.

30. Entertaining death is how you appreciate life.

31. All benefit and loss comes from internal responses. Not external events.

You control your attitude. Nothing else.

32. It’s easier to change yourself than the world around you.

the bedroom of a hater

You can’t change the world if you can’t make your bed. People who demand others change are individuals who need to change more than anyone else. Finger-pointing is projecting. The weakest are the loudest. They need to hide their flaws and do so, by pointing out the flaws of others. Most of the flaws they point out are made up, like white privilege.

Don’t be an activist if you can’t make your bed every morning.

Jordan Peterson released a new book: 12 Rules for Life: an Antidote to Chaos

33. Do not desire things out of your control. Desire, inside yourself, what you control.

34. We are the only ones who stop our success.

You can work more. You can work on something different. No one is preventing you from getting what you want. If you stand in your own way you’ll never move forward. Instead, you’re stuck, like a dog chasing his tail stuck on a donut-shaped treadmill until he dies from exhaustion.

35. Nothing is worth doing pointlessly.

Try washing the dishes while listening to audiobooks. Here’s two free credits and two books to pick up.

36. Don’t be attached. Be an active participant.

37. If the outcome of a debate or argument doesn’t matter let the other win.

Ego is pathetic. Ego is making up for the lack of man you are. Let them get their petty win. It makes you stronger to surrender to the despair of your opponent’s feeble existance.

38. Eat more meat. We are Predators first.

39. Sexual mating value rules all.

Sexy products sell. Books aren’t sexy anymore.

40. You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world and there’s still going to be someone who hates peaches.

peaches are delicious

41. Be the person you needed when you were younger, today.

What problems did you have at 13-years-old? How about sixteen-years-old, or 32? Someone, right now, needs your help. You can help them. At every stage in your life, you, can mentor someone else.

42. If you’re gonna half ass something, you’re gonna half ass it twice.

43. “You can do anything for 30 seconds” if you stack enough of those mental reassurances together, you can keep going forever.

You can do anything for thirty seconds. Set a timer. Do the work you need to do but, don’t want to do. Finish. Set the timer again. Finish. Set the timer again but this time, don’t put a completed sound. Your brain doesn’t like incomplete anything. Keep taking away your responsibility like taking away a child’s video games. Soon, there’s nothing you’ll crave more than your work.

44. The fish is killed by its open mouth.

45. Don’t live your life by a quote.

46. Eat only as many carbs as you need for energy.

Or else that energy will be wasted or worse, stored on the hips until you’re buried in a piano box. You need carbs around training for peak performance. Carbs are an energy source. And, an efficient one. No one died from eating protein and fats. People die al lthe time from eating too many carbs.

47. The man who says the fewest words wins.


48. Life is boring without enemies trying to destroy you.

49. Your best ideas come to you when you stop trying.

Read Little Truths Volume 1.

Little truths volume 1.


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