Life is locked in a room with you

Your mindset is a powerful ally. Nothing can alter the outcome of a scenario like your mind and the components of your thoughts.

Your thoughts are like a pack of wild horses, capable of generating massive bursts of power. Power that, can be used to bend reality to fit the narrative of your choice. Your mind can also destroy you, or worse, leave you pathetic, and depressed.

If you aren’t in control of your mind, your mind is in control of you. There’s a quote about this, spoken often.

“The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.”

Your personal narrative defines who you are. Consider your narrative the tone of the thoughts that plague, or enrich your experience.

The danger of an uncontrolled mind exists in the potential for negativity and self-hatred. And shame.

Negativity, self-hatred and shame aren’t inherently bad. Often, we need negative feelings to understand when we are going in the wrong direction.

However, negative thoughts need to be recognized as a notification, and not a permanent fixture. Meaning: use your negative thoughts and emotions to guide you to a better life. Instead of feeling a negative emotion or thought, and then pouring cement over the negativity so it never leaves your mind.

If you experience a negative sensation of shame when you masturbate: feel the negative-emotion notification. Don’t repeat a behavior that inspires shameful feelings. You never want to live through your feelings. Use your feelings to align your way. Go away from shame and move towards strength.

Masturbation is shameful, low-value and pathetic. Try Nofap hardmode to correct your sinful ways.

move away from a victim mentality


You need to treat yourself like your best friend. Jordan Peterson talks about this concept in his best-selling book 12 Rules for Life. Buy the book using this link. Or, if you’re short on time: read our post on the best Jordan Peterson quotes.

Consider this: Would you ever tell a friend the negative thoughts you may think about yourself?

“You’re a fat, lazy, piece of human trash who is best-suited for suicide.”

“You’re never going to be married because your face looks like a planet without atmosphere blasted by comets.”

“You’re a fucking faggot with no friends, a terrible job, and no fucking family. Keep playing Fortnite, pussy.”

Intense. Dramatic. Hate-speech. No. Free speech. Truthful speech. Andreians don’t believe words are hateful. Andreians believe intent can be hateful.

People think darker thoughts. People treat their pets, their friends: hell, even their plants better than themselves.

It doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re swarmed with terrible thoughts, you need to understand, that, although this feels like who you are, it’s not.

You are not your thoughts. You are what you do.

For example, a person who plays tennis may identify as a tennis player. that’s their thing. Words and thoughts do not create identities, although others may lead you to believe this isn’t the case, like when someone else labels you as a racist for wanting closed borders. The same person who locks their doors at night to create a border protecting them from the outside.

you are not your thoughts

It isn’t what someone says that defines who they are. it’s not what someone thinks that defines who they are, either. What someone does defines who they are.

You can say you’re an athlete while holding 100 extra pounds taped around your mid-section. More than the airline limit for a carry on.

An extremist can call you a racist, even if… you’ve never exhibited a racist action or acted against a particular race.

You are what you do. Not what you say, or what you think.

How to have useful thoughts

You can have useful thoughts by managing the thoughts that land in your mind like an air-traffic controller safely directing skyward traffic.

Understand why you’re receiving negative thoughts, extract the lesson, then discard the thoughts.

manage your thoughts

Negative thoughts have content. But, like an avocado, the seed is in the middle. When you receive positive thoughts, embrace them. To a point. Between ego, and confidence is a center point of mindset which allows for growth with an open mind and enough confidence to take risks to create growth.

You need to be grounded in truth. In reality.

Becoming Grounded

The word ‘grounded’, gets milked like a close-to-death cow with nothing left inside her udders. Vloggers and gurus take buzzwords and use them to sell fit tea. The broken spirit mafia. Trend humpers.

Any program or book–really any content–with a ‘secret’, is a farce. A secret implies two sides: the known and the unknown. The unknown is terrifying. Humanity once believed ships could fall off the Earth if they sailed too far because no one sailed very far before.

Keeping a secret implies a degree of power. Once a secret is known, the power is lost. The ships keep going. No fear left to be found. That’s why you have to buy the secret formula to a slim waist.

A secret kept vague still contains a mystery. The unknown. The edge of the world. The book The Secret seems remarkable because it doesn’t say anything. Saying nothing means zero accountability. There’s nothing tangible.

The real secret is always the same. Learn more. Get better. Train more. Get stronger. What you do is who you are. Losing weight to become a fit person, involves living like a fit person.

The secret to being grounded isn’t a secret at all. You’ll read it below in a moment. Being grounded, achieving nirvana, following the way–like Musashi, the greatest samurai to ever live– is easily described.

Being grounded is a separation from your thoughts.

No Mind.

There’s a word for it. Mushin.

Being grounded is observing your thoughts from the ocean shore instead of drowning in the waves. Floating in your thoughts.

Thought management is how to become grounded

Unmanaged thoughts are like employees without a manager in an office full of booze and prostitutes.

In your morning routine, your primary objective is to become grounded. Paying attention to the breath instead of your thoughts.

Living ungrounded is like drowning. Your thoughts are too cunning to allow off the leash and in charge.

Hence why we see the attachment to emotion today instead of logic.No one is paying attention. There are too many distractions, making no time for logic. People today believe their thoughts instead of logical conclusions.

You can live in reality–truth–or your thoughts. Your thoughts are usually negative. Unless controlled. Unless grounded. Being grounded allows you to slow time.A nuclear weapon that takes no space and gives you an advantage no matter what you do.

You decide how to perceive. Everything.

controlling your thoughts power plant

Others have their world views shaped by uncontrolled thoughts. They’re playing poker against ghosts. The cards are random and the players are faceless.

You sit down at a table with your thoughts clear and the deck in your hand. You sort through the cards. You make decisions that matter. You decide how the game is played.

When you’re grounded you get to decide how you perceive everything.

I am an unstoppable titan. I eat failure like Rambo eats glass. Try and stop me.

Life is locked in the cage with me

In Mixed martial arts, fights are decided before a fighter enters the cage. Planning, preparation, but more importantly mindset, determines the outcome of a fight.

This is the way in all things. You will not rise above the limits you impose upon yourself. You need to believe you have no limits. If your mind has limitations on what you can do, you’re right.

Help your mind along. Complete difficult challenges to build confidence. Continue to push the ceiling of possibility. Push the ceiling until you have no limits.

Your mind wants to keep you safe. You need to believe, safety exists in risk and growth. Stagnation is dangerous. Mediocrity is a bear trap. Mediocrity doesn’t want to let go once it grabs you.

David Goggins lives every day like the ghost of mediocrity is trying to throw him in a cell. That’s why he owns the record for most pull-ups completed in 24 hours. Goggins has no self-imposed limits on himself.

The way is always forward.

Your path will never become easier. Preferring easy will never work. If you control your mind you understand the hard path leads to El Dorado. The Golden city.

Your path may not get easier, but you get stronger.

Extreme mindsets

One who lives on his own terms is looked at as a rebel or a provocateur.

You need to belong to your group. You can’t have an identity. Or a goal. You need depression. A wet blanket that reeks of piss and shit. Group identity isn’t a bad concept as long as you get to maintain your identity, like you do as an Andreian.

professional victims don’t want you to win. They’re locked in a cage with life as well. They see life as a problem instead of an opportunity. To the professional victim, life is a bouncer who won’t let them into the VIP section because it requires too much effort.

The professional victim has Netflix. They don’t need any effort. They’ll binge-watch until the black, skull-and-crossbones painted bells of socialism begin ringing. The professional victim is fine with universal basic income, food stamps, Netflix and porn.

the way is always forward

Believing you can affect your own life is extreme, like voicing an opinion that isn’t mainstream.

Becoming a legend requires an extreme mindset. The bar moves lower and lower every year as the majority of folk become fatter and softer. The Spartans ate a diet primarily of pig’s blood. Teenagers called a name on Twitter react with the same damage as if they fought in Vietnam. Professional victims. Small dogs who roll over, exposing their soft, pink bellies at the first taste of stress.

No one remembers the farmers, the knights who almost ‘made it’, or the stable boys. history remembers the heroes. Those who lock themselves in a cage with danger, exposing their fangs. Ready to tear through flesh like a chainsaw ripping through a dead tree. You need to be in the arena to matter.

If you’re reading this, you can be greater than average. Those who look for self-help and seek self-improvement content want a different life but fear to take the first step.

The first step is to follow the fear like a drug-sniffing dog. The fear is a challenge. A dragon. Lift your heavy sword from the ground and swing until you fall apart like a cheap action figure made in China.

The warrior-class today is small. Who knows, one day war could become extinct. That doesn’t matter. It’s not why we’re here today. We’re here to find the darkness. Our holiday of fog.

If you don’t know what you’re supposed to go, follow the fear. A reward is always on the other side of fear. It is so.

You know what you’re supposed to be doing. you know what you want. Hell, you’ve known since you were young, exactly what you needed to do. If you’re a baker, bake. If you’re a mother, nurture. If you’re a welder, weld. you won’t make the world a better place b–wait.


What if we’re not supposed to make the world a better place?

what if you aren't meant to make the world a better place

What if, we’re supposed to be selfish and get what we want? What if, taking one cookie isn’t enough? I think it’s time you take over.

Fuck making the world a better place. You can’t. Making the world a better place is what Miss Universe contestants say when they don’t know how to read.

There is something you can do. You can make a better version of yourself. The world doesn’t give a damn what you do. Your wife does. your brothers do. Most important: You give a damn what you do. And you can have some fun while doing it.

Do you know what feels good? Being good at something that actually matters.

Managing fear

Life is locked in a cage with you. You weren’t born to be a victim. You were born to live. To experience. To grow.

Some of us never get to grow. Most of us wither and die before we flower.

What a life it must be, to be good at nothing, fear everything and criticize the great individuals behind a computer screen, skin pale like the white walls of a rented apartment space and a neighbor next door who won’t stop slamming their door.

Managing fear is a more than a full-time job, it’s a Lifestyle constitution. A code.

Fear makes us anxious and nervous. Breathing shallowly. Heart rate increases. Cock shrinks.

Worse, when fear commands, we drown in our thoughts again. The water rises to the sternum, the neck, then the bottom lip. You cannot allow your emotions to drown you.

You cannot wait for life to happen. Life is waiting for you.

Pull the trigger and let the primer ignite with a fury capable of dismantling world peace. Inner peace. We’ve become too soft and squishy inside. A personal war is the best thing that could happen to us. Something interesting. Something else.

Once you understand you’re going to die, you live different. People who have near-death experiences live with a vigor only found in children with good parents and no bullies.

Don’t back down.

The way is always forward. What you don’t want to do is what your soul wants from you. When you feel resistance, confront it. Resistance is a toxic form of self-hatred. A few drops of resistance left untreated takes a Spartan and assigns him a gender.

When you feel negative emotions it’s your responsibility to confront them. Self-doubt is like a razor in a bag full of candy. You wait for pain amongst the sweet. The pain multiplies and every sweet becomes a razor when you’re too afraid to look in the bag.

You’re going to hurt before this gets better. And once you can bear any pain, then you’ll know what it means to be free. What it means to be a hero.

If there’s one thing you should be offended by, it’s fear.

Lock the cage door behind you.


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