Joe Rogan Routines
during the UFC Fight Night event at Prudential Center on April 18, 2015 in Newark, New Jersey.

Joe Rogan aspires to heights most cannot even dream of. Instead of living in reality, he creates his reality and thrives within. Joe’s ecosystem of martial arts, comedy, and money.

In what reality could a person be a stand-up comic, actor, fighter, business owner, color-commentator for combat sports, radio(podcast) King and a pot smoking hippie?

This lifestyle is only possible in Joe Rogan’s reality.

Instead of the world telling him what’s possible, he stays inside himself; inside his lane where whatever his mind believes is true. Because, until you think otherwise, whatever you believe is true. Your truth.

Before Rogan, his reality didn’t exist. The world didn’t see this as a possibility; because it never was.

Impossibility means nothing to a man who lives in his world.

Joe doesn’t watch motivational videos to become a better fighter. He fights.

He watches others work for an inspiration of his work. He understands that inspiration helps his work, and motivation helps his feelings.

Feelings, what ordinary people use to get things done. Instead of working out of discipline, the common person works when he feels the urge; so nothing gets done except for a brief window of self-hatred during the first few weeks of a new year.

Joe Rogan doesn’t think to himself “No one has been a comedian and a fighter and the same time. It’s impossible. It can’t be done.

He doesn’t have time to think.

So he Does.

When you’re engaging in high-risk ventures, your mind automatically kicks in defense mechanisms like a British ship locking down to defend against a horde of pirates.

You’re ready to fight & sail forward into a bluer sea.

With too much time on your hands, you’ll find yourself filling the empty hourglass with youtube videos of the best motivational speeches of all time, books of recycled how-to, wasteful information that could do just as good in your mind as in a landfill.

What you need is a foundation, a code to live by. Andreia, Joe Rogan’s routines, your own, or a combination of the best codes from the world.

Bushido is an excellent place to start.

How Joe Rogan directs his life & Mind

impossibility means nothing

Joe plans everything he’s going to do for the entire week. He schedules all of his events and shows ahead of time. That way, he’s never surprised or caught off-guard by what may come in the future.

He takes one day a week to schedule nearly every block of time in his life that pertains to his work and his growth. Scheduling includes picking what physical activities are to be done for each day.

Yoga, Lifting weights, Brazilian Jujitsu, and others. Joe Rogan states that these are sessions he owes to himself. The only time he takes time off is if he’s sick, or injured.

The bank that manages his success, his body, requires a 30-minute deposit every day for continued performance. He never misses an appointment.

He takes precious care not to waste time. Even though Joe has cable, he rarely watches it. In his downtime, he’ll watch his favorites, Netflix for specials of other comedians to strengthen his craft. Downtime is only done after work is completed.

There are no excuses robust enough to bend his will.

Joe Rogan’s Exercise Routine

Joe said you don’t need to do everything he does.

He’s right; you’d break like a 17-year-old military boot on his first day in camp.

You need to build up habits that stack like child’s building blocks. A child crawls until he can walk until he can run.

Andreian | Crawling

You don’t start weightlifting by pushing boulders up Mount Olympus. You start with ten pounds. Plastic weights, pink paint.

Joe Believes in variety and intensity. He believes you can get a fantastic workout in 30 minutes, and, have a terrible workout in two hours.

The X factor is intensity and volume of work.

When he runs hills, it takes 30 minutes and destroys him. He says it ends up being two miles of distance. Two miles uphill, producing the same exhaustion of a full marathon on flat ground.

Every day he gets at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise. Vigorous to his standard includes more “building blocks” than our child, still preparing to walk on two feet. Training isn’t a sprint, but you should train like it.

Training isn’t a sprint, but you should train like it. You will become stronger over years of consistency. Consistency is the strongest force in the world. Like how water cut the grand canyon in two like a butcher over millions of years.

He knows where his limits are and which areas of his training he can push. He wouldn’t run an ultra marathon since he has only recently incorporated running into his routine. The walk before the run.

Instead of this making you tired, Joe Rogan believes training gives you energy. Self-described as “draining the bullshit from his body.” Then he can be a calm force in other pursuits like stand up comedy, podcasting and being the color commentator for the UFC.

 Joe Rogan’s Nutrition Routine

He doesn’t eat bread and has very few carbs. His diet includes no sugar. Does he eat these forbidden food groups occasionally? Sure, but he doesn’t schedule weekend trips to Olive Garden like the average American.

You cannot have real moderation if you schedule your defeats. Nor can you ever be a winner this way.

He eats tons of veggies and meat- mostly game animals that he kills himself. Beyond his other occupations, Joe is a seasoned hunter. Goals, self-improvement, elk, whatever Joe has in his sights he bags.

A lack of discipline has never been a disqualifier. Therefore losses will always be lessons instead of vicious cycles doomed to repeat until death.

Beyond nutrition, Joe stated he takes multivitamins, probiotics, vitamin b12, and vitamin D every day but didn’t mention the brands he likes. Below are some excellent choices handpicked for you. If you buy any of these, there is profit. However, it goes directly back into andreia. Thank You for your support.



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Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 | Now Nutrition

Note on probiotics: Refrigerate the bottle. Probiotics are bacteria, albeit the good kind that you want to keep alive. Drinking Kombucha once a week will work too.

Now Nutrition has been selected as the choice supplement for Andreians. This is based on authenticity of products. They are not a sponsor.

Joe Rogan’s Mental Health Routines

Joe Rogan does everything he can do to put his body in a healthy place.

He describes his body as a car. He wants the best spark plugs, and he wants them right now. When a new champion comes around, he throws out the old and replaces the new without thinking, like throwing away out of style denim.

His first line resource for his health is Dr. Rhonda Patrick. Rhonda has a Ph.D. in biomedical science and a Bachelor’s of Science in biochemistry. Her brand found my fitness has an excellent podcast with straight science knowledge about health.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick turned Joe on to the health benefits of the Sauna.

His sauna use was inspired by her research. In Dr. Patrick’s research, Sauna use has shown to decrease mortality rate by 40%.

Total, mortality rate.

Taking occasional sauna’s is like reaching into Death’s pocket and stealing change while he’s asleep. It’s easy and will keep winding your clock with more time.

The reason is frequent sauna use produces heat shock proteins that reduce inflammation. Dr. Patrick can describe this better with her work.

meditation Routine

When asked if he meditates, Joe stated that he does meditate but not in a conventional manner. Instead of following a morning routine made to succeed, Joe meditates inside of his isolation tank is his own home.

He uses meditation as a tool to polish the finishing touches of an idea, like searing a steak after letting it sit in a slow cooker.

searing steak | Andreian

The idea has had time to grow and adapt now needing an extra something.

Joe has found that total isolation in his isolation tank, a temporary banishment from life gives him exactly what he needs.

You can do the same by meditating. Although, Everyone needs to try an isolation tank at least once.

It’s obvious he understands that mind and body are connected. Stating that after writing he often goes for a walk to think about his passages. He contrasts walking with hard exercise, where you aren’t afforded the luxury of thought.

Walking: Active meditations, and thought.

Training: Wiping the mind clean like an asteroid clearing a lush, green forest to cut-in-half toothpicks.

Having a barren mind lets you see the landscape.

This is the time he walks his dogs. He’s able to see that you can multitask without destruction to either task performance.

Proper multi-tasking is walking the dog since you’ll be walking anyway.

Improper multi-tasking is walking the dog while trying to meditate actively, while also tweeting your thoughts and checking email. This will lead to a frantic mind who’s only strength is to confuse yourself into doing nothing.

Solving Life’s Many Problems

Joe Rogan believes that depression isn’t chemical. He believes it’s environmental, which can cause a chemical balance. However, it’s the environment that comes from the imbalance.

Finishing Touches

Where others, including doctors, would prescribe for the symptom, Joe would fix the problem instead of the symptom. When you fix problems, symptoms go away.

When you live your life with structure and discipline, problems go away.

If success is dependent on one metric, discipline why aren’t you living your ideal life?


  1. Interesting article, I always liked Joe Roegan for smoking weed, not because of the smoking of the weed, but because it is an act of rebellion to do it live.

    “Taking occasional sauna’s is like reaching into Death’s pocket and stealing change while he’s asleep. It’s easy and will keep winding your clock with more time.”

    Your writing is also very creative, your blog is slowly becoming my favorite blog, even tho I don’t really care about this particular article, it was still an interesting read.

    • Thanks, brother.

      I used to force writing a certain way to fit in. Now, I write the exact way I want to tell the story. I love the act of rebellion too. People need to stop following the rules so much. They’ll be much happier.


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