The Wisdom of Homer Simpson in One Quote

Homer Simpson has dropped much wisdom over the past twenty years, and this quote is a good one.

You can’t keep blaming yourself. Just blame yourself once and move on.

The Simpsons is the longest-running television show with over 650 episodes running from 1989, to present.

The Simpsons brand & Homer Simpson is almost, if not more synonymous with America than Disney and Mickey Mouse.


During The Simpsons twenty-year run, the show predicted multiple moments in history, dropped care-packages of wisdom, and of course, entertained millions.

Unlike Saturday Night Live, the Simpsons is just as relevant today as it was ten years ago.

Homer Simpson, the drunk, half-stupid father, occasionally has legendary quotes that could be made into a philosophy, homerisms–reminding us of another philosopher, much before the time of the yellow man and his deserted, wispy head.

The Wisdom of Homer Simpson

“You can’t keep blaming yourself. Just blame yourself once and move on.”

Watch the video above. You could teach an entire course on philosophy with each half of this sentence.

You can’t keep Blaming yourself.

You can’t keep blaming yourself. Blaming yourself, repeatedly, is an indulgence of self-loathing that results in a loss of self-trust.

Without self-trust, more commonly known as self-confidence, you won’t believe in yourself and won’t have the necessary strength to achieve even the smallest of challenges.

If you’re struggling with depression, please think about this concept of blame for a few minutes after you read.

Blaming Yourself

People blame themselves for things that aren’t their fault, which can be good if you’re operating under the philosophy of Extreme Ownership, popularized by Jocko Willinkformer Navy Seal Commander.

Blaming yourself for something that happened twenty years ago is like keeping your hand on the stove even though it hurts. For twenty years.

Blame yourself once and move on.

Blame yourself once and move on. Take full ownership for everything you do, wins and losses, like an MMA fighter who always competes alone.

You can take ownership once you blame yourself. It will hurt, but all freedom requires sacrifice.

Once you blame yourself you can take ownership. Then, you get to extract a lesson. Most people never go this far and are trapped in blaming their peers or their gods.

Once you blame yourself, understand the circumstances which created your misfortune. This is the lesson.

After you find a lesson, hold onto it. Prevent the negative event from happening again. When you do this you have control, self-trust, and you grow. You gain nothing from blaming yourself more than once. Blame yourself once and take the lesson with you.

Don’t be a victim to YOURSELF

Don’t let your past control who you are and who you could be. Blame yourself once, take ownership, take control, create a lesson–move on.

Use your painful history as fuel to make a better present and a better tomorrow. This is how you improve your life.

People who can’t move forward ignored the lessons of their past.

It’s exhausting repeating the same mistakes year after year. One way you can monitor repeated mistakes is by keeping a journal, which acts as a daily archive of your personal history.

How depressing. To make the same mistakes you made ten years ago. Without progress, there is depression. This goes above humanity. The same concept applies to the stock market. Growth or depression. Get a free stock from Robinhood to start investing.

Become your greatest ally

Treat yourself like you would treat a trusted friend.

Or, treat yourself how you would treat your dog. Take your losses, face them, then learn from them.

Imagine how powerful you will become if you never repeat the same mistake twice.

Try these on for size:


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