glossary of andreia

Many of the terms you read while exploring this site will be new to you. Here is a Glossary for you to become familiar with the terms we use. Please use them in your conversations if they make sense to you.


The Greek word for Manly spirit. Or, the essence of what it means to be a man. Andreia is A long forgotten word who’s mentions in the past hundred years can be counted on one hand. Until now. Andreia is the essence of everything a man can be, should be, and will become if he lives a life of discipline & conquest.

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Us. Those who refuse to live without a code. The lost, who find their way while helping others do the same. Andreians subscribe to truth while creating a personal code to live by.

Other codes don’t work for the Andreians, or make sense to them. Andreians understand that personal truths are different for everyone. Andreians have different beliefs, yet walk the same path. They collect new tenets for their Doctrine that furthers their conquest for gloryWe are all fighting to become the greatest versions of ourselves.  

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Andreia Doctrine

A guide for life that takes the best knowledge from codes, theologies, groups, and religions.  Where other systems are static, the Andreia Doctrine is dynamic and can change like the wind when needed. The Andreia Doctrine does not ask for blind acceptance. Andreians despise blind anything. We believe in question everything.

Andreians use the doctrine to live their best lives. It’s up to them to choose which components of the Doctrine they follow if any at all. Some will follow the doctrine to the T. That’s fine, but not recommended. Even within our group, we understand the fatal flaw of blind subscription.

Andreians accept personal truths and truths from other sources. The Andreia Doctrine is a compilation of facts. If a fundamental truth doesn’t exist, Andreians follow the most likely answer or disregard a life question completely.

Ex: Brush your teeth every day.

There is truth in this statement until a new technology provides greater truth than what we currently understand.