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Why we Haven’t been Publishing as Frequently – Newsletter Repost

This article is a repost from the newsletter sent on December 24th. Be warned: it's personal; and a little soft. I thought anyone who...
self authoring review

Self Authoring Suite | Reviewing Jordan Peterson’s Self Authoring Program

Self Authoring Overview Purchase the program here The self authoring suite is a compilation of four, interactive writing programs aimed at helping the author--you--understand yourself. Self...
andreian newsletter

The resurrection of the Andreian Newsletter

There has not been a Andreian email in three months. I, Vincent, the main writer of Andreian, moved, became horribly sick and hospitalized, went...

What’s happening in 2020

A few days ago we published a list of 20 challenges to accomplish in 2020. The challenges will test your body, mind, and spirit...
everyone needs a mentor

Mentors & Models: Every Man Needs a Model to Base Their Future Upon

This article is the start of a new series dedicated to mentorship and modeling inspirational  figures. A model helps align your behaviors today, with...

Want to be featured on the Andreian Instagram? Here’s How

Did you know the Andreian Philosophy has an Instagram page? We even have a Facebook page, but who cares. Our Twitter is much better, anyway. On...
andreian guest post

Andreian Guest Post Opportunities

Andreia is a Philosophy Our Philosophy. For all of us, including you, to build and develop into a perfect life. For this to happen more minds...

The Best Andreian Posts of 2019

2019 was not a high growth year for the site. I had little time to write. The blog had bugs that made writing almost...

Joe Rogan’s Sauna Routine | Reduce TOTAL MORTALITY by 40% Using the Sauna

Watch the video above. Joe Rogan: Podcaster, UFC host, and comedian is an advocate of using a dry sauna for health. Rogan's motivation for the sauna...
Jordan Peterson Livesteam Fail

Why you Should Never LIE – A Jordan Peterson video

Jordan Peterson is a brilliant man. One of the most important thought leaders of our time, Peterson is like the wizard Gandalf, bringing light...