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Jordan Peterson Livesteam Fail

Why you Should Never LIE – A Jordan Peterson video

Jordan Peterson is a brilliant man. One of the most important thought leaders of our time, Peterson is like the wizard Gandalf, bringing light...
wait I thought you said

Wait! I Thought you said… This!

  Some people can’t handle change. Change is the only universal truth in the universe. Everything you see will one day leave. Everything you love...
little truths volume 1

Little Truths Vol. 2 | 49 Little Truths you Need to Think About Today

Little truths are short points to make you think. Little truths aren't facts. Little truths are true to some, lies to others. Different experiences prompt different...
how to relive every day on your death bed

How to Relive every day on your Death Bed

After you die, standing before God--he asks you--if you have any expectations of where you’re going for eternity: Heaven or Hell. “I don’t know. I...

Basic Outfitters Review | 10+ Pieces of High-End Apparel for 60$?

Basic Outfitters is a premium apparel brand specializing in the basics: Socks, Shirts, Underwear & Joggers. We're reviewing Basic Outfitters and giving a brief...
stop looking at photos of girls you dont know

Lifehack for Men | Stop looking at Photos of Girls you Don’t Know

It’s 11 pm. You’re not going out. You may leave your room. But, not the house. The farthest you’ll travel tonight is the distance from the...
destructive words

Destructive Words To Eliminate From Your Life

  A few weeks ago, Regan from reached out to me, wanting to guest post on Andreia Thoughts. His message was sincere, well thought...
reading blgos and newsletters

The Best Way To Read Blogs & Newsletters

This is a legacy post from, the precursor to It has not been updated and may not be relevant anymore. Ladies & Gentlemen,   I'm...

Man’s Guide To Well-Being | Refined Mindset

This article is sponsored by Reagan from Refined Mindset: A blog helping men control, and, eventually defeat, their depression. You never thought it would happen...
jordan peterson best interviews

10 Best Jordan Peterson Interviews You Don’t Want to Miss

  Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist from Canada. Peterson became a magnet for media attention recently, because he opposes certain fundamentals of social justice. Peterson...