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jordan peterson best interviews

10 Best Jordan Peterson Interviews You Don’t Want to Miss

  Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist from Canada. Peterson became a magnet for media attention recently, because he opposes certain fundamentals of social justice. Peterson...
frye mens boots

The Best Frye Boots for Men

The Frye company is a boot manufacturer founded in 1863 by John Frye. The Frye company has over 155 years of business, making the...

2019 Andreian Christmas Gift guide | Products to Improve your life

We meant to publish this earlier, but technical errors limited us. For more information read our December update. Can you believe it’s almost 2020? We survived...
little truths volume 1

Little Truths Vol. 2 | 49 Little Truths you Need to Think About Today

Little truths are short points to make you think. Little truths aren't facts. Little truths are true to some, lies to others. Different experiences prompt different...
best scarves for men

The Best Scarves for Men that Won’t Make you Soft

The best scarves for men Men and scarves are a sensitive subject. On one hand, men have worn scarves for hundreds of years--the cape, a predecessor...

Robinhood releases a new feature: Fractional Shares

Robinhood is the first brokerage to offer commission-free trades; now they’re releasing fractional shares as a new feature. You can join the waitlist now. Robinhood...

Man’s Guide To Well-Being | Refined Mindset

This article is sponsored by Reagan from Refined Mindset: A blog helping men control, and, eventually defeat, their depression. You never thought it would happen...

The Best 4 Andreian Publication Posts of 2018

2018 was an average year for the Andreian Philosophy site. The brand experienced a minor rebranding when the domain name was acquired early in...

Why we Haven’t been Publishing as Frequently – Newsletter Repost

This article is a repost from the newsletter sent on December 24th. Be warned: it's personal; and a little soft. I thought anyone who...
self authoring review

Self Authoring Suite | Reviewing Jordan Peterson’s Self Authoring Program

Self Authoring Overview Purchase the program here The self authoring suite is a compilation of four, interactive writing programs aimed at helping the author--you--understand yourself. Self...