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The Best Andreian Posts of 2019

2019 was not a high growth year for the site. I had little time to write. The blog had bugs that made writing almost...

What’s happening in 2020

A few days ago we published a list of 20 challenges to accomplish in 2020. The challenges will test your body, mind, and spirit...

Why we Haven’t been Publishing as Frequently – Newsletter Repost

This article is a repost from the newsletter sent on December 24th. Be warned: it's personal; and a little soft. I thought anyone who...

Robinhood releases a new feature: Fractional Shares

Robinhood is the first brokerage to offer commission-free trades; now they’re releasing fractional shares as a new feature. You can join the waitlist now. Robinhood...

2019 Andreian Christmas Gift guide | Products to Improve your life

We meant to publish this earlier, but technical errors limited us. For more information read our December update. Can you believe it’s almost 2020? We survived...

How Berkeley college students react to The American Flag versus the ISIS Flag

  Ami Horowitz is a filmmaker for Fox News and he also makes independent content. Horowitz has a great YouTube channel where he conducts cultural experiments...

How To Add The Andreian Philosophy To The Home Screen Of Your Phone

You can use this post to add any website to your phone, or tablet.  We have an Andreian newsletter, push notifications you can sign up...
affinil express mod af

Afinil Express Shut Down. Here is their Recommended Supplier

As of June 30th 2019, the most known and secure online Modafinil provider decided to give up on the limitless drug, and shut down. Afinil...

Prime Day products Every Man Should Take a Look at

Prime Day is one of the biggest sales of the year for all of eCommerce. Retail stores are slowly dying, and Black Friday sales are...
richard nixon and jfk

This video from 1960 shows how political debates & American Culture have degraded

Technology helped destroy honor and attention spans in the United States. Before social media, people didn't care about getting as much attention as they do...