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The Best Frye Boots for Men

The Frye company is a boot manufacturer founded in 1863 by John Frye. The Frye company has over 155 years of business, making the Frye Company the oldest footwear manufacturer in America.

John Frye founded the Frye company in 1863, but, didn’t make the first boot until 1888. And the first store opened in 1863 in Marlboro Massachusetts.  Read the full story here.

The Frye brand survived for so long because Frye makes the best boots a man can buy. The Frye boot leather is designed in Italy, and most of their products are American made although some manufacturing also takes place in Mexico and China.

Why Should you buy Frye Boots?

Frye Boots are amazing. They last forever.

If you’re a college student, Frye has a program to give you 20%. You can get that deal here.

Not only does Frye sell boots, but sneakers as well.

Many Frye Boot owners have their boots for over forty years. They’re ancestral. Frye boots are for passing down the family tree. Give them to your kids. Or your neighbors kids. Or a strangers kids.

Boot Maintenance

Maintaining your boots helps them last longer; but you don’t need to do much.

If you see a hole in the sole; replace the soles. You won’t have to have the soles replaced on your boots often. If you wear them daily–a year or two is good for replacement. When there isn’t much tread left, it’s time to replace your souls.

Boot soles get replaced at shoe stores. Formerly called cobblers. Some dry-clean establishments will replace boot soles too.

Treating your boots with leather conditioner can help them last longer. Leather conditioner keeps your boots waterproof too.

Frye makes their own boot leather. Get it here.

Pay attention to the reviews and the sizing.

Frye boots tend to run sizes without much consistency. You should also know boots need to be broken in. For the first few weeks of wearing they’re going to be tight. Soon, the leather will mold to your fit and your boots fit like… a foot glove.

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Best Frye Boots for Men

Frye Harness Boot


The Harness boot is the boot worn by antagonists in hundreds of novels. The bad guy boot. Created by Frye in 1960’s, the harness boot was inspired by Calvary soldiers in the civil war.

Frye Harness boots come in a number of different color and sizes. The boots pictured here are a 12R, meaning 12 inches of length going up from the shaft. For most men, the shaft of the boot will sit at it’s highest below your knee. Other sizes of Harness boots are available, some stopping at your ankle.

The harness boot works great as an every day boot and performs excellent as a motorcycle boot.

The leather is tough. You’ll need to break these boots in but once you do they’re an easy ride and feel on your feet how sleeping on a gel-foam mattress feels on your back. These boots really do mold to the profile of your feet.

The harness boot is bold, intimidating, and makes the statement: I’m not to be messed with.


Frye Duke Roper Boot


The Frye Duke Roper Boot is the classic, American cowboy boot from movies starring John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. Not to be found in the city, these boots announce to the world: I know how to throw a rope around a cow. Or, I’m having a crisis and wish I was masculine enough to ride a bull. Either way, the roper is a great boot for men.

The roper comes in multiple colors; other than black. The boot is 10R size, the shaft comes to, roughly mid-shin.

Frye Phillip Harness Boot


The Phillip Harness boot is a variation of the original harness boot listed above.

When most people think of boots they think of cowboy boots, with spurs, reaching up to the knee to protect against rattlesnake bites. Or cat scratches.

Boots don’t have to be long. But, boots do need a heel. The Phillip Harness boot is a comfortable, soft-leather ankle-biter wonderful for twilight nights out in warm, dry climates.

These boots are comfortable. The leather is soft. They aren’t as intimidating as a full, knee high harness boot and muster a rear zipper for easier wear compared to long boots which require pulling up your pant leg and–quite literally–pulling your boots on by the boot strap.

Frye Stone Engineer Boot


The Engineer boot is another boot variation. The engineer boot is distinguished by buckles beginning at the arch of the boot. The arch is where the shaft meets the actual foot portion of the boot. Most engineer boots have a second buckle located on the shaft near the top. Some engineer boots, usually the cheaper kind have buckles for looks. While high quality boots like Frye’s, have buckles that serve a purpose.

This specific Engineer boot made by Frye is more stylized than traditional engineer boots with a Frye lighting bolt logo on the shaft, and leather made to look worn. Some people like their boots beginning with some age while other boot evangelists believe boot-wear needs to come from the owner and not the manufacturer.

Frye Chelsea Boot


The Chelsea boot is a relatively new boot design featuring a short shaft with non-leather material running the sides of the boot. The purpose of the boot-sides could be argued for better airflow, less sweat absorption, but it’s really for a trendy look.

The Chelsea boot isn’t a work boot; and it’s not a… high testosterone boot either. The Chelsea boot is more of a boot you’d find in Nordstrom’s from a man named Phoenix with bleached blond hair and jeans tighter than the jar of pickles you opened for your girlfriend for a summer picnic she dragged you to last year.

This boot is a good business casual choice and is fairly acceptable in business casual tone or a family event like a wedding or a dinner out for a special event. This model has a worn leather look, which may not apply. However, Frye has a large selection of Chelsea color patterns.

Fry belted Harness Boot


The Belted harness boot is a almost criminal genetic-splice between a classic leather belt and a harness boot.

The belted harness boot has brass hardwear for a rustic, cinematic feel; a reminder of a world before internet and smart phones.

Boot Hardwear is the metal components of the boot. Here it means the Harness ring, and the buckles on each shaft of the boot.

The 12R length of the belted harness boot will keep your shins safe from spiders, mosquitoes, and clowns hiding in sewer grates.

Frye Men’s Bowery Lace up Ankle Bootie


The Bowery lace up Ankle Bootie is a mirrored image of Doc Martins except with a bit more style although not much.

This boot is a strange, stitched together icon of counter-culture and a mild reverie of American History X.

What do you wear the bowery bootie with? Anything. Because if you’re the type to buy a pair of boots called booties you don’t care what anyone thinks of you anyways.

The Bowery booties have a thick heel. Now, you’ll have he right to tell women you meet you’re six feet tall instead of five-eleven and a half.

Frye Flynn Pull On Boot


These are the best Frye boots a man can buy. The Flynn pull on is a classic, every-day boot you can wear with any outfit; as long as you’re wearing pants.

Boots, with the exception of Chelsea boots, should never pair with shorts. Long boots and shorts is no better than socks with sandals.

The Flynn pull on boot has a 10R shaft. Not knee-length, but high enough to provide a secure, snug fit at-least midway up your leg.

Boots don’t need to be flashy. Boots with good quality leather and a nice patina refined from consistent wear develop a character unique to your boots and your lifestyle.

The Flynn is remarkable in it’s simplicity. That’s why we’re calling it the best boot a man can buy.

Black, simple; high-quality leather and a look that spans decades of trends–A great first pair of boots you’ll have for the rest of your life. The Flynn boots are a family heirloom you haven’t yet inherited.

Every man needs one pair of boots.

At least.

Frye Boots are the best boots for men because they last forever and have a long history of quality and American industrial spirit.

As more great boots release we’ll update this list so bookmark it now and send it to a friend who is eating a little bit too much soy.

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