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A few weeks ago, Regan from reached out to me, wanting to guest post on Andreia Thoughts. His message was sincere, well thought out, and customized.  His submission, contrasting the piling amount of guest submissions that have been copied and pasted across thousands of other blogs, like a cloning machine in a B grade 80’s sci-fi movie.

Those generic guest post submissions all shared the same fate: a swift relocation to the trash folder, only to be deleted in weeks to come.

His first post was rejected.  It didn’t fit the message Andreia Thoughts was conveying, it didn’t work. I thought that would be the last of Regan, as most people cannot handle rejection, and hide from it like a small insect hides from the hand of a human, knowing that it will soon be crushed.

He was back again next week. 

His persistence and temerity brought forth this article, that hooked me in and wouldn’t let me go. The value, was immediately apparent to the reader, offering hard truths that will improve anyone’s life.

It was accepted immediately.

Let this introduction be your first lesson.

Rejection is never the end.

It is only the end for quitters & cowards, which Regan is obviously not.

Please enjoy, Destructive Words To Eliminate From Your Life.


A Mans Mind Will Make Or Break Him.

You have so much potential locked deep down inside of you, just squirming to get out. Fighting to Break free from the cocoon like a caterpillar, desperately embracing its new form.

But it can’t.  You won’t let it.

You’re trapped behind destructive words, thought patterns restricting you from achieving your full potential.

Your beliefs about yourself and your own potential are limiting you. Limiting you, from blossoming into a man of greatness…an Andreian per se.

You’ve created a wall. One that you may not even know what waits on the other side, sitting there, patiently for you.

Smash The Wall Down.

Toxic words and destructive self-talk keep you a prisoner to your own negativity, like a prisoner, holding the key to his own escape.

Eliminating these words will expose a giant brick in your wall, allowing you to see clearly and run free like a caged animal feeling grass underneath its feet for the first time.


Destructive Word | #1. Can’t

 “I can’t do it. What if I fail? Why should I even try? I can’t get anything right…”

The biggest obstacle in your life is your inability to believe in yourself.

There is nothing on this planet you can’t do, it simply comes down to a matter of effort and determination.

What is impossible?

Becoming a millionaire? Traveling the world? Getting a girlfriend?

For everything you believe to be impossible there is somebody that has already done it.

What makes them special and you, incapable?

You are dwelling on destructive words such as can’t, wish or later. The Others, they know they can so they do.

Their will to dominate their life overshadows your low self-confidence, the only difference between the two of you.

You believe you can’t find a partner, you have already given up.  Instead of further improving yourself into someone of value, you retire to a lazy and lonely life, <span”>hiding away like a pale man in the heat of summer, clinging to shade while the sun shines brightly for those brave enough.

Pick your sorry ass up and do what needs to be done until you can get whatever the hell you want.

No, getting where you want to go isn’t always easy and no it isn’t always fun. You may lose sleep and even have to sacrifice parts of your social life.


The real fun comes when you realize there is nothing you can’t do. There are only certain things you have to work harder for.

Everyone starts somewhere, watch impossible reveal itself as you go.

It always seems impossible until it is done. – Nelson Mandela


Destructive Word | #2. Want

 “I want to be rich.  I want a nice house, a nice car, and all the prestige that comes with them.”

Wants and wishes do not exist in the mind of anyone great.

You need something in your life, or you don’t.

Decide what your priority is and go all in.  Make it a part of your life, not some hobby on the side. We are professionals. Amateurs have hobbies, professionals commit.

If you say you want something worthwhile, yet you do not truly feel you need it, you will never get it.

You won’t get a new job by wanting it.

A phenomenal physique won’t fall in your lap by simply desiring it.

You get these things that everyone wants by going after them once you’ve decided you need them.

Need something bad enough and you will find a way to get it 100% of the time.  There is no way around this.

Only entitled people want or wish for things. Winners get the things they need by going after them.

A change of feeling is a change of destiny. – Neville Goddard


Destructive Word | #3. Maybe

“Maybe one day I’ll amount to something and move out of my parents basement.”

Have you ever had a great idea and asked someone if they would be interested in doing it with you?  Remember that time you did and they said maybe, and how much that one simple word annoyed you?

You answer yourself with maybes every day.

This word is an excuse to slack on your goals and procrastinate.

Maybe I will go to the gym tonight if I’m not too tired“, “Maybe I will put some extra work into my business tonight“. Said the loser, wishing he could be a better man.

Remember what you are chasing, and how bad you need it in your life.

Whenever the word maybe arises in your brain, ask yourself if you need what you are considering passing up.

If you do not need it then throw it away, it is a waste of time and your time can best be used elsewhere.

Anything you need in your life will never be accompanied by a maybe. A man lost in the desert doesn’t “maybe” need water. He demands it.

If you need to get shredded for summer, you will go to the gym tonight without questions.

If you have a burning need to travel, you will pick up those overtime shifts and begin saving without question.

Maybe only exists when you are unsure of what you want.  Real passion and real men do not make room for maybes.

The universe didn’t make trios it made duos.

Night and day, man and woman, YES OR NO.

When has maybe benefited your life?


Destructive Word | #4. Later

“I’m going to go have a good time with the boys and I will complete my project later.”

Procrastination is the death of all achievement.

If you had a dollar for every time you procrastinated you would be rich.

That will never happen.

If you never procrastinated and instead you spent your time building something worthwhile, you would stand a chance at acquiring riches both in the mind and in the bank.

You want money? You have to fucking work for it.

If you want a smoking hot girlfriend you have to become the man she is looking for, before someone else snags her and fucks her to sleep every night while you sit at home watching porn.

Keep procrastinating and telling yourself you will take action later. Before you know it you will be 60 years old with nothing to show.

Get used to doing things right away and your life will change in front of your eyes.

Later is synonymous with loser. Winners take action in the moment.

Your lack of ambition won’t change tomorrow or next week.

Tomorrow won’t do jack shit for you, because tomorrow is just another today for you to be lazy.

The only way you build a winning mindset and accumulate everything that comes with it is by taking action today.

Bill Gates-the richest man in the world, never took a single day off in his 20’s.

What gives you the excuse to take one off?

While he likely can’t quote as many movie lines as you can, I’d say it worked out quite well for him.

Kick ass today and then when later comes around kick ass again.

In the end, you are only putting off your dreams and any chance of living the life you really want.

See you on the other side,

Regan Jacklin


  1. Simple and direct message in this article. Nice work. Do you have an article based off of what words we should include more in our life? My favorite piece of advice is to say “no” to people that waste our precious time and energy.

  2. @Matt – Thanks, I appreciate the kind words!

    @Jordan – No I do not, that does sound like a great idea for a future article though. I personally find success boils down to discipline and is more dependent on removing toxicity. Thanks for the food for thought!


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