Dehydration is caused by not drinking enough water.


There are different levels of dehydration and it’s likely you aren’t drinking enough water. You suffer because of your mild dehydration.

To function optimally, you need to drink at least one gallon of water a day. Or, approximately four liters of water.

You won’t get cancer by not drinking enough water, but you won’t be living optimally either. When you’re dehydrated, your body and your mind perform less than a body with a full tank of precious, delicious fresh water.

Think about how rare drinkable water is for a moment and it will change your opinion on what water is.

Within the known universe, Earth is the only planet we know of containing fresh drinkable water. Most of the water on Earth isn’t drinkable either, with only 2.5% freshwater available compared to salt water which covers 96.5%.

If some catastrophic event occurred–like a meteor ripping Earth apart like a pitbull fighting a hamster–and dries up all the lakes, aquifers, rivers & streams from Earth: every living thing will die.

Graham Hancock writes excellent books about cataclysmic events that happened millions of years ago. Fingerprints of the gods is one of them.

We take water for granted because, in the developed world, water is everywhere and readily available. So it seems.

In places with limited access to clean water, people travel great distances on foot to get access to clean water. Wars take place over water. People kill, for water.

Your body is 75% water. Any level of dehydration taxes your body like driving your car with the E-brake pulled tight. Mild Dehydration won’t kill you but it will limit your potential in the gym and in the books.

Dehydration effects on the Body


Sometimes when you feel like you need to inject expresso into your vein to stay awake, you’re dehydrated. Not tired.

Because your body is composed of 75% water, any decrease in water reduces your energy–like a car running with a quart of oil less than it should have. You need to drink a gallon of water a day.

Bad Skin

Water helps keep your skin clear from blemishes wrinkles. Water helps clear toxins from your body that exist in your skin. Toxins that age you like falling asleep in a tanning bed instead of tanning for testosterone.

Sore Joints and Slower Recovery Time

Water is oil for your body. When you’re lifting weights, doing pull-ups or anything physical; dehydration affects your natural ability to recover.

Water shuttles nutrients to damaged parts of your body like the muscles you tear when you’re working on becoming the greatest version of yourself. Your blood is 92% water. Your blood transports nutrients throughout your body.

Below is a handy infographic from a .org website that appears to be offline, or no longer with the internet. Rest in Peace.

This Dehydration infographic is too good to let die.

Save the infographic, print this article, do something to prevent forgetting how important drinking water is.

You’ll need a water bottle with you. Always. The best water bottle you can buy is a Stainless Steel Takeya Water Bottle. They aren’t expensive and they last forever.

Steel is better than plastic because plastic bottles leech chemicals into your water. Many reusable plastic water bottles are BPA free, but it’s not clear if BPA is the only chemical toxic to humans that comes from plastic.

Remember, one gallon or four liters a day.


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