re-arrange your work space

This article is part of the Andreian Challenge series; challenges anyone can do that have a benefit to your life.

People love new experiences and new places.

Seeing the same sights gets boring and monotonous. It’s hard to focus when you’re bored.

Without change, life jumps onto the rails in an amusement park haunted house ride. The first ride is lovely.

You don’t know what to expect, jumping and screaming when monsters pop out from crevices and appear out of nowhere around corners like a ghost materializing in the light.

If you ride the haunted house ride six times without stopping the jump scares don’t work anymore.

haunted house

You know when the Witch throws her cauldron and how to dodge the water-spray, so you aren’t wet.

You know the climax at the end:

meeting another adventurer in the haunted house who leads you out a passage behind a bookcase that opens when a book about witchcraft is removed from the dusty shelf.

It’s fun the first time.

You’ll lose interest in anything that doesn’t change.

Your work-space is no exception.

Andreia Challenge: Re-arrange your entire work-space

work space

You could be a welder or a writer. A fireman or an ice cream man. You haven’t updated your work-space in a long time–it’s time now.

People aren’t what they say they are. People are what they do.

Your work-space, whether it’s a desk, a garage, or a fishing boat in Alaska, is part of your identity. Like going to the mall and spending a few thousand on a new image, giving your work-space a new appearance has immense benefits.

The Challenge

Take everything out, or off of your work-space. Make a clean slate. Don’t cheat yourself here. If your work-space is a home office, take everything out of the room. Place the belongings somewhere out of sight and out of mind. You need a break from associating with your space.

Donate, sell, or throw away everything you haven’t used in three months. Anything you need that you haven’t used in three months can be borrowed, rented, or purchased when needed later on.

The more physical-clutter you have, the more clutter you have in your mind.

clutter is exhausting

The best way to work is without distractions and the things we own are the biggest distractions. The worst offenders require maintenance.

After you minimize; clean. Clean your work-space like you’re staging it to sell. Make it Sparkle.

End with rearranging your space different than before. You shouldn’t remember what your workspace looked like if you waited a few days to rearrange your items back in your space.

Making a difference

Rearranging your space makes a big difference in the energy of your work-space.

Cleanliness matters.

So does the energy of a space. Adjusting the furniture in a room changes the energy of the room.

How productive you are can depend on the flow of your work-space. A messy desk is a messy mind and messy minds are often useless.

Creating a new space introduces novelty in your workspace. Like traveling. After you finish a long trip to a foreign place, you feel wiser and more mature.

 Suggestions for refreshing your Work-space

work space 2

Air plants

Air plants are low-maintenance plants. They don’t require soil; only sunlight and a few sprays from a squirt bottle weekly.

air plants

You can buy a ten pack of air plants from Amazon.

Another benefit of air plants is their air-cleaning properties. Air plants purify the air you breathe.

Move to a different part of the room

If your desk was always against the window try putting it in the corner. It could make you more productive. Or it couldn’t. If moving your space does nothing: you learned something new.

That’s Progress.

Add Inspirational books to your space

motivational books

Books that speak to you. Have them around. If your favorite book is the War of Art by Steven Pressfield, and it should: Have a copy nearby. Whenever you glance at it, you’ll remember your experience with the War of Art.

Books recommendations

Place a framed photo of an inspirational person nearby

Who do you want to become? Have you selected a few models to base your character on? If you haven’t–today’s a good day to find yourself.

Try stealing traits from someone you admire and copy them.

mentor and models

David Goggins Inspires Everyone.

Bring some art into your space

The world outside your work-space is vibrant. When you’re in flow–grinding down a boulder of a problem into a pebble–you can’t afford to take a break.

Sometimes you don’t have the luxury to go outside and admire nature; or the city.

air inspiration

Bring some art into your world. Be inspired. Bright, vibrant canvas art.

Here are a few suggestions of good, cheap art to hang:

You can find more searching on Amazon. Amazon gives away most services for free too.


You’ll spend most of your life in your bed, and in your work-space, honing your craft or tolerating a tyrant corporation while you fight for escape.

The work-space needs refreshment. No different than changing your bed sheets or washing your clothes.

Every few months, freshen up your work-space with something new. Try re-arranging your space, adding some art or a few plants to clean the air. And get rid of unnecessary clutter. By doing so, you’ll free space in your mind to worry less and create more.


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