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Saturday, May 27, 2017
how to tell if youre breathing corretly

The Only Way To Tell If You’re Breathing Correctly

      Breathing methods are the only way to become grounded and focused. you can read the introduction on breathing methods here. But how do you tell you're breathing correctly? Breathing is...
breathing methods become super human

Breathing Methods: An Introduction To Becoming Superhuman.

  Your mind is a kite being flown at the beach. Your breathing, is the wind that controls the kite. When your breathing is shallow, and isn't focused upon, your kite...
shredded for 100 dollars

The three tools you need to get shredded for under 100$.

  The fitness industry is the most lie-encumbered industry. Second only to the food industry.   Every bodybuilder, fitness model, or Instagram star is taking some form of steroids. Except a...
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