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David Goggins is a Former Navy Seal and an Airforce veteran. He’s been a guest on numerous podcasts including the Joe Rogan Experience, and a guest on other series in the new media and the mainstream media.

David Goggins’ new book ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ released on December 4th, 2018. A long-awaited book from a man whose life seems like a spin-off from the movie series, Die Hard.

We Created a post on some of his best quotes, including the quote below.

“You’re going to have to suffer to go from here to there. Most people will never understand the journey.”

Read the quotes from the toughest man alive.

The quote post above–read it if you haven’t yet–also explores David Goggins’ backstory, which if you don’t already know, is dark and filled with suffering.

From the quote, you can understand the type of man David Goggins is.

David doesn’t embellish his suffering and embrace a victim mentality from his past.

The trend in America, is tallying up the number of times the world has done you wrong and hanging on to them for dear life like hanging on the edge of a cliff with your fingernails.

Being a victim keeps you a victim and your circumstances will never change. People want to identify with their pain. That’s fine. What’s not okay is identifying as a victim of that pain, instead of a conqueror of your pain.

can't hurt me david goggins victim mentality
Flowers with sharp edges.

Words like: Toxic Masculinity, Safe Space, and Triggered promote weakness and further, unnecessary suffering. Suffering for events that happened long ago or for circumstances you can’t control like race or gender are useless and unnecessary.

You can never avoid suffering. Humans are made for adventure. We are not made for leisure and comfort.

As an adventurer, suffering is inevitable. Suffering from circumstances that have already occurred or suffering for aspects of your life you can’t control is painful. It’s a version of hell you create for yourself.

Self-imposed Suffering is Heaven.

Self-imposed suffering is Michael Crichton working on a novel like Jurassic Park, or Timeline, for sixteen hours a day; completing a masterpiece in six weeks. The good kind of suffering. Suffering you willingly take on to create a better life for yourself; suffering leading to accomplishment. Similar to the Andreian Philosophy way: Self-fulfillment through Accomplishment.

It’s Okay to Suffer | It’s Better to be Strong

david goggins can't hurt me new book suffering


David Goggins’ book ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ is a love story between himself and his self-imposed suffering. Throughout the book, Goggins suffers, overcomes, and triumphs over obstacles set before him.

He overcomes racism–being the only black kid in a small Indiana town–the difficulties of the military, completing the Navy Seal Buds program three times–once with two broken legs–beating the record for most consecutive pull-ups, running 100-mile ultra-marathons and so much more.

Goggins is never satisfied. He seeks accomplishment every day. He gets after his goals and lives a life with so much accomplishment he’s drowning in greatness.

Can’t Hurt Me

Can't hurt me by David Goggins

Kindle | Hardcover | Paperback | Audiobook

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‘Can’t Hurt Me’ will help you understand your true human potential. You can do 20x more than what you think you can do and this power is unlocked through mastering your mind.

Can’t hurt me covers Goggins’ journey to master his mind; starting with backstory on his horrific childhood that we covered in minor detail in the David Goggins quote post.

Then, Can’t Hurt Me covers Goggins’ mission to find the hardest challenges in the world and complete them to prove to himself how hard he is. He accomplished his second mission, mastering his mind on the sands of Coronado beach undergoing Navy Seal BUDS training.

Goggins learned: the path to mastering your mind never ends. You don’t get to stop and you don’t need a vacation or a break.

A life filled with accomplishment is the only life worth living.

Once you accomplish your goal; make a new one. And a new one. And a new one.

Being a hard, accomplished man is a lifestyle. Just like being an Andreian, living a life without depression, sadness, and bitterness in exchange for a life peppered with accomplishment and self-imposed suffering is a lifestyle.

Your life isn’t fulfilling because you aren’t accomplishing anything. Make your life fulfilling by finding missions that test your fucking soul and complete them.

David Goggins Struggle

Stop taking days off. No more rest days. Earn your luxury days once you complete a challenge that rewires your brain to think like Rambo; even if your challenge is to lose fifty pounds or write a screenplay. Your weapon may be a pen instead of a machine gun. Good. Master your weapon until calluses the size of oysters cover your fingertips like the rocky shores of a grey coastline.

Can’t Hurt me Amazon Comments

If you look at the comment section for ‘Can’t Hurt Me’, you’ll see a gang of five-star comments and some sprinkles of one-star comments:

Generally a great book, very motivational, and in all sincerity quite inspiring. BUT I absolutely HATED the misogyny in some of the chapters. Why would you ruin an otherwise amazing book by including a few chapters riddled with unnecessary passages clearly intended to degrade women? Just a few examples: “gaping vaginas weeping and quitting like whiny little bitches” (p. 107), “Do you have some sand in your p—-y? (P. 134), etc., etc, Some of us women also kick ass and are hard. Please don’t minimize us or what we’ve worked so hard to achieve. Hope Goggins reads this and says, “Roger that” in response. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic book.

He cusses too much and it ruins reading the book. Felt like I got ripped off buying the book . Made a bad mistake even reading book. What a waste of a triumph due to cussing.

I think this would have been a much better read if he could have left out a large amount of the foul language. I understand it’s who he is and most likely how he talks in real life, but it was over the top. I’ve read other books by military members or Navy seals and always know I’ll have to over look a lot of language, but this was really excessive and over powering in this book. I wanted my boys to read this book and I love to share good books on social media and/or with my friends, but I won’t be encouraging anyone to read this book simply because the language is really too intense. To a point where it’s vulgar and embarrassing to recommend. Was disappointed. 🙁

These comments taken from the product page reinforce how badly we need David Goggins’ message.

If you can’t handle the word ‘pussy‘ used to describe someone weak the best choice for your life is a playpen with no sharp corners inside.

baby play pen david goggins

You’re weak. Your bloodline is weak. And you’ll never amount to anything because you seek opportunities to be offended instead of viewing those opportunities to get stronger.

Our ancestors fought in wars. We fight on Twitter.

The three comments above are a reflection of how America is changing from land of the opportunity to land of the offended.

Instead of Being Offended

Instead of being offended; be strong. You can’t change the world–you won’t change the words David Goggins uses–but you can change yourself. You don’t have to be offended by words. You don’t have to be offended by people and what they think of you. You don’t have to be offended by anything.

Being offended is a poor choice that makes you miserable.

Tony Robbins uses offensive language in his seminars and books. The speech that motivated Tony Robbins isn’t soft and sensitive either. Most people deep within the self-help sphere know Tony Robbins as a pioneer of self-help. But, the whiners seem to gloss over complaining about him.

Self-help junkies refuse to complain about Robbins’ foul language because there’s nothing in it for the complainer. Or, put in another way: there’s no attention in it.

Victimhood and pulling the victim card is a humanities version of a possum playing dead: seeking some benefit by showing how weak and inept you are. And, there’s no benefit to playing possum against Tony Robbins.

Your life isn’t hard

A Buzzfeed article went viral titled: How Millenials Became the Burnout generation.

The article begins with a short story of a twenty-seven-year-old man named Tim who missed the deadline to vote in the 2018 election.

Tim Said:

“I hate mailing stuff; it gives me anxiety.”

If buying a letter, a stamp; licking the stamp, and putting the letter in the mailbox gives you anxiety: Where did you go wrong with your development?

Anxiety is a normal part of life. But today anxiety is a monster in the man-child’s closet whose to scary too peek at. Soon, kittens and puppies won’t be cute. They’ll be furry little gremlins coming to steal our 401ks.

Scared-to-mail-a-letter-Tim needs to read Can’t Hurt Me. Then, Tim may be able to mail a letter, take his dog on a walk, or make some breakfast burritos without having a panic attack and calling his grandmother to calm him down.

You Don’t have to be a coward.

Life is Better as a Strong Individual 

Weak individuals like Tim cannot make the world a better place. Weak individuals make the world a worse place by fearing everything which isn’t familiar and acting as a net neutral to society. A Coward Doesn’t help the world; he makes the world worse.

If you aren’t improving; you’re decaying.

Good people don’t shame others and hide behind anxiety. Good people are the heroes of the world, people like David Goggins who face their fears and inspire others to do the same.

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