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This post is inspired by the HBO Show, Boardwalk Empire.  I left out one crucial piece: inspiration. Watching TV is ultimately a waste of time, wasting away your minutes like you’ve got an unlimited plan. You don’t and you will die. Time is the most important resource you have.


If a medium inspires you, helps you create your work, then it ceases to be wasted time. Popular DJ’s like Steve Aoki, DJ Snake, need to listen to music and go to live shows. It’s where they find inspiration. Seeing their competition continue to raise the bar. In essence, when a DJ goes to party, he’s conducting market research. That is, if he stays conscious using a breathing method.

Story inspires me. So I may watch a program like Boardwalk Empire because the storytelling inspires me to tell better stories. Find what inspires you, and give it a pass. All art is essentially stolen from inspiration of other works. Realize this and you’ll begin to see the world differently, as it actually is: A giant, messy jungle juice of a collaboration.

This is the human collective.


You Can’t Be Half A Gangster



You cannot be half a gangster. 

That is, if you want to live. Others will be hungry for your position. Within your organization, and outside of it. Those that see you from the inside see you as a threat to their climb. To a more… dignified position, under the leader, or even the leader themselves. Those outside your organization, see you as a threat to their survival. With you out of the picture, they sleep a little bit better.

Men crave power. If sacrificing you will get a person to their dreams, don’t be surprised if you’re dealt with. Pay attention to those who’s hunger may overwhelm their loyalty. This can be anyone. Everyone has a price and can be bought out. This isn’t always with money either.

Others are waiting for you to make a mistake, to become “comfortable”. Because comfortable is when you’re at your most vulnerable. As my mentor Nick Kelly, AKA VICTOR PRIDE taught me, always be moving forward.

The others are waiting for you to make your first mistake. They may be your enemies, often times they’re those closest to you. So they wait in the darkness. They wait to strike until your comfort level reaches it’s highest point. They wait. The great men look inside themselves, and deal with their darkest demons.

When you think you’re safest is when you’re most vulnerable. Then you will be. Then you’ll do something careless, you’ll turn your back for a moment. Then the jungle cats will crawl out of the forest smelling blood. Your blood. Then the predators will attack.

You can’t be half a gangster.

You can never stop being a predator.

You can never stop doing what got you here.

You can never let feelings get in the way of your ascension to greatness.

Or you’ll lose it all.



You can’t be half a business man.


Business is the modern day version of warfare.

Your opponents will do anything, will say anything in order to ensure their survival. In our current age of peace, men will find other ways to fight each other. Your opponents understand the difference between active and inactive work. Even if it doesn’t involve the end of one’s physical life, a business being ended through strategy can kill your spirit, your reputation, and a host of other attributes you used to hold. This is war.

The fight from starting a business in your home, to growing a multi nation conglomerate is no easy task. The moment you stop innovating, stop growing is the moment of your downfall. You can engage in only a little bit of research to find numerous examples of this.

The taxi-cab industry stopped innovating: Uber.

The movie rental business stopped innovating: Netflix.

The General Practitioner medical field stopped innovating: Heal. A company I’m unbelievably excited for, and see as the next big disrupt-er.

The moment you finally build your empire, and think you can relax is the moment you’re taken out of power by someone else who wants it just as much as you did when you started. You’d think with examples of this happening, across all years of history, and all industry that people would learn: They don’t.

You have to go all in to get your business off the ground. The moment you begin removing chips from the pot, without having another person(employee) add their pieces back in, is the moment you begin losing grip of your control. Without control, you have nothing.

Businessmen must continue to grow and innovate, or everything they’ve built will become crashing down. This is a truth you must grow to accept.


You can’t be half a businessman

You can never stop inventing new ideas and improvements.

You can never stop learning and being on the cutting edge.

You will never relax until you’re dead.

Or you’ll lose it all.




You can’t be half a fighter:


If you’re half a fighter, the worst person for you to stand against is someone with nothing to lose. Someone who has been given no plan B, someone who if the world was on fire, they would want to fight back.

The most terrifying man in the world is the one with nothing left to use.

The man who is willing to do anything.

The man with no attachments. 

In this world, barren physical limitation you can do anything you want. You can also become the greatest at anything you want. The key, is obsession, dedication, and discipline. With these three pieces creates an unstoppable force that not even god himself could withstand.

If you’re half in, someone will have both feet in the door. They’ll be more secure than you, more balanced, and they’ll put you away. In order to be successful, in order to live a full life you cannot be a dabbler. You cannot be half an anything, if you want to be anything.

Everyone thinks they’re a fighter until they get hit. Those that continue, those are the men of true fighting spirit and grit. Dedication even through physical pain. Your body is made to avoid pain, and seek pleasure. The man who avoids pleasure, and seeks pain is not the man you want as your enemy in any profession: He will not quit.

This is the man you need to be. 

Don’t waste your time with fruitless pleasure, be a fighter. Seek pain. Seek to grow. Setup a powerful code and base your life around it’s foundations. If you want anything for yourself, you cannot be half a fighter. You have to do whatever it takes to get your way, to get the conclusion you hold in your mind. Many of these things you’ll be okay with doing. Many of them, will go against all the worldly morals you’ve learned. This is what separates the greats from the normal folk. 

They face their goals, what they want directly in front of them and their faced with a moral dilemma. The great individuals do whatever it takes. They realize that their goals are bigger than them. They continue. The losers don’t.


You can’t be half a fighter.

You can never stop attacking goals.

You can never place yourself, your ego above your purpose.

Or you’ll lose it all.





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