Big changes and new directions are coming to Andreia Thoughts.

Everything being done is to give you, the reader, insights that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

It’s happening, right now. Thank you for sticking around as the brand has grown, and developed over the one year anniversary.

If you’re a new reader, or an existing one, read the following two pieces so you’re up to speed:

  1. What Is Andreia? Start Here.
  2. 2017 State Of The Union. The Future Of Andreia Thought.

Andreia Thoughts will preach lessons of Ancient Honor For Modern Conquerors. 

You Read That Right.

Other Theologies and philosophies will also be used as references for the modern conqueror, the Andreian.

Andreia is for bringing honor back to the modern world, using insights from ancient honor.

Examples of Source Material Includes:

  • Honorable figures in present day, and history.
  • Honor cultures and Societies.
  • Monumental feats of accomplishment or sheer defeat.
  • Literature from greats of a time no longer with us.

A taste of what’s next:

  • Ancient Egypt.
  • Greek culture.
  • Alexander The Great.
  • Modern revolutions in history.
  • Fictional tales of strength and courage.

This won’t remove modern day posts from the mix, or mean Andreia Thoughts will ONLY talk about these topics. This is merely a niche, a direction for you to follow. You know what Andreia is, what Andreia is about. You won’t read anything like what you’ll find here. That needed to be made clear. 

Ancient culture is an unadulterated source of what it means to have honor. There was no social media, no excessive leisure, no narcissism and “me too” minds. The focus was on accomplishment, whether that be finding food, building cities, or fighting wars.

Starting with Bushido.








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