Breathing Methods Become Super Human


Your mind is a kite being flown at the beach. Your breathing, is the wind that controls the kite.

When your breathing is shallow, and isn’t focused upon, your kite flails in the win.


Breathing is the root of all consciousness. Without focusing on your breathing, you become an animal. You lose the minds gift of being able to take complex problems and break them down into digestible pieces. You lose the ability to become superhuman.


From the large amount of questions about breathing it was obvious that a category and posts about it was required. If you’re new, and have no idea why breathing is so important, or the power of the breath, begin by taking a look at the video below. The purpose of this category is to unlock the super human potential already within you using breathing methods.



Breathing and mindfulness will give you superpowers.


This is why breathing and consciousness is so important. Wim Hoff can become a human furnace. Capable of keeping himself warm while swimming in glacier water colder than a modern day ice age. He has broken records, and shattered many alleged truths held by doctors all over the world. He does all of this, through breathing.


If Wim can climb mountains in nothing but his shorts, barefoot, with only breathing, imagine what you can do in your line of work with conscious breathing. This is why breathing is so important. You can do anything you want in this world by being conscious. It’s Nitrous Oxide for the brain. Super fuel for making your imagination real. It’s a weapon that makes you invincible to criticism, emotions, and weakness. Everything you’ve ever wanted, every door that’s ever been closed, open to you. Except it never runs out. It’s with you all the time. No one can take away your breathing from you.


“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”
Amit Ray, Om Chanting and Meditation



If you’re wondering if there is a secret to breathing, there most definitely is.

I’ll tell you the secret to breathing.





Joe Rogan Now uses this same breathing method above before all of his stand up routines. Powerful.


Awareness Is the Secret To Breathing.

It’s nothing complicated in theory. Effort is where 99% of people fail. In my first breathing post, I listed multiple different styles of breathing. How you breath doesn’t matter. What matters is that each breath you take, you’re aware of it happening. I listed multiple different breathing methods that all come to the same conclusion. You’re aware of your breathing. You’re breathing consciously.

That’s the secret. Be aware. Breath consciously.

This will unlock your super-human abilities.

Breathing Method Posts On Andreia Thoughts.

Every breathing post on Andreia Thoughts will be different, but will all result in the same goal. Being Conscious of your breathing. The Secret. Where other writers want to charge you for their super-secret time bending secret of performance I give it to you. I’ll post different styles of breathing I use, have experimented with, or others have highly recommended. My current favorite that I’m using is Whale Breathing. Read more about Whale Breathing here.


Which Breathing Method Should I Use?

Whatever you want. Use one breathing method, or ten. Switch between them on different days, different hours, it doesn’t matter. Experiment with every breathing method you can get your pure little hands on. From Andreia Thoughts, Wim hoff, and whatever B grade writer who teaches yoga and enlightenment. The only thing that matters is the secret. Breath to achieve consciousness and awareness. No automatic breathes. That’s the only rule. The different breathing methods are meant to give you options. They often have strange names like whale breathing. This is so you remember them. Whale Breathing is much more memorable than hold your breath, kind of.


Simple Breathing Method Benefits.

This list is not all inclusive. The upsides of using a breathing method are endless and may be specialized to the individual. Below are some benefits I feel.


  • Increased confidence
  • Better control of speech.
  • Stronger gym performance. More Weight Lifted.
  • Better sleep at night.
  • No running thoughts. No uncontrolled thoughts.
  • Better emotional control. I’m no longer sad or angry. I’m at peace.
  • Better cold tolerance.
  • Immune to criticism. Nothing matters unless I decide it does.
  • Better completion of goals.
  • Zero Distractions.
  • Destruction of smartphone addiction.
  • Destruction of addiction. (since addiction is unconscious behavior manifested.)
  • More Energy.
  • Thoughts are clear, come in a steady stream.
  • Stress. I have completely eliminated all anxiety in my life. If the moon fell down tomorrow, I’d be relaxing eating baguettes under the light.
  • Increased posture. Poor posture comes from a lack of awareness you’re doing it wrong.
  • I see and hear everything.
  • ADHD has died.



Books On Breathing Methods.

I’ve read many books on breathing, most all of them are terrible. Once you know the secret to breathing everything sounds the same. There are two standouts I’ve found in my research and have them listed below. I highly recommend you read both of these books immediately. 10% happier is a combination of breathing and meditation. Letting go has had as much influence on my life as a pastor with the bible. I don’t make these things up.

This will be an ongoing series. If there is anything specific you want to see, let me know. Questions? Post in the comments below.


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