books to change your mind

The following books are all in their own manner,  masterpieces, and must be read.

Reading is the doorway into the mind of another person. Books are magic. Magic, because for a moment you get to see into the window of another’s experience.
Pay attention and take notes when reading. You’ll see that you’re able to take tangible knowledge from them. You may even apply lessons to your own life.

This is wisdom.

The same with accomplishment too.
If you want to open a fashion line, read books about it first. Study your target before you go to WAR. Find stories of fashion moguls failing. Their successes don’t matter to you. You don’t need to prepare for success. Let it wash over you like holy water. Cleansing you of your previous failures.
Learning about the mistakes of experts in your field will give you their edge. If, you use their knowledge. and yours. Never forget you are an individual.
Take the best advice and use it. Then, be creative. No one can match your creativity.

 Nothing could be more effective

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The War of Art | Steven Pressfield

The War Of Art Steven Pressfield | Required Reading

The War Of Art is every self-help book in one. No other book is better than breaking you out of your current predicament. You can also read The War Of Art in one afternoon.
That doesn’t mean you’re through with the book. Once you understand resistance, you will study it. You’ll forget, and read The War of Art again.
Its short pages are not to be cheap or save time. The pages of this book leave space for you to think. The War Of Art is about breaking through walls that you experience in creative endeavors.
The War Of Art gives a name to your struggle. That… feeling of I can’t go on. I can’t create. I’m useless.
That feeling is a lie- and it’s trying to control you.
The War Of Art will teach you to overcome this feeling.
Nothing is more important than your ability to create.

The Compound Effect | Darren Hardy

The Compound Affect | Required Reading

Tired of failing over and over again? Read this book. There isn’t a secret to being successful.
Be consistent, and follow your goals until their completed.
Small moves make a big difference.
The Compound Effect shows us how making consistent decisions towards our goals completes them.
We build momentum and keep pressing forward on our paths to greatness.
Rain, snow, weekend or weekday. If you build momentum, you continue onward. Imagine your success as an avalanche or the engine of a high-powered jet.
Once it’s started, it doesn’t stop.
Like you.
You don’t stop when you’re tired. You stop when you’ve won.

The Alchemist | Paulo Coelho

the alchemist | Required Reading

The Alchemist has sold more than 65 million copies.
The Alchemist has been on the New York times bestseller list for 315 weeks.
Don’t follow the crowd.
Unless there is gold hidden within.
The alchemist is fiction, telling the story of a young shepherdwho begins a mission to find greatness.
Just. Like. You.
This book tells you how to turn nothing into gold like no other. This book isn’t fitting into one specific genre. The Alchemist is its own genre.
This book will grab you like a championship powerlifter and never let you go.
The Protagonist is you.

Pick up the mirror.

Hagakure: The Secret Wisdom Of The Samurai | yamamoto tsunetomo

Hagakure The Secret Wisdom Of the Samurai | Required Reading

Hagakure was written over 300 years ago.
It’s wisdom has not decayed.
Yamamoto Tsunetomo was an honored samurai, who’s collection of texts illustrates so.
Tsunetomo tells what it means to be samurai. What it means to live the way of the Bushido.
Many historians consider the book of five rings to be the ultimate book on Bushido. It pales in comparison to Hagakure, written only to explain the Bushido code.
Bushido is one of the greatest warrior codes in history. This book will tell you why.
Read Hagakure, and apply it to your own life.

Atlas Shrugged | Ayn Rand

Atlas Shrugged

To call Atlas Shrugged a book would be an insult.
Atlas Shrugged is an experience.
The book has over 1200 pages. Font so small you could use a magnifying glass. Except we aren’t burning ants under the sun.
We’re burning away neediness & greed.
Updated versions have increased font size resulting in even more pages.
The audiobook?
over 50 hours long.
Atlas Shrugged introduces us to the concept of “looters“. Those who complain, and demand from others and the government.
The kind of person who would rather protest the evils of others than face their own. Protesting violent men, while firebombing local businesses like common street thugs.
Looters complain, demanding others to solve their problems. While they make more problems for their saviors.
Atlas Shrugged will stretch your mind to new planes. This is not a bedtime book. This book will challenge your views on humanity and culture.
If you’re American, this book may hurt a bit, or confirm what you already know.
The selfish nature of mankind has always existed. Atlas Shrugged knows this. What Ayn Rand didn’t know is how perverted it would grow.
An outbreak of whiners and complainers. Worse than a real zombie outbreak. Atlas shrugged is becoming a reality before our eyes.
Everything Ayn Rand hated about humanity.

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  1. Picked up The Compound Effect based on your suggestion and it is completely life changing. It is simple enough that anyone can implement it and reap the benefits with patience. Crazy how small changes in perception can completely change the way we live.

    I plan on getting to the alchemist ASAP as well once I finish the stack I am currently losing myself in.

    Have you read As A Man Thinketh? I’m of the opinion it needs to be on this list


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