The Best Podcasts for Men

The best podcasts for men

The best podcasts for men

Podcasts are one of the best ways to consume information as long as you pick the right podcasts and more importantly, the right podcasts for men.

The benefit of podcasts compared to traditional media interviews like tv, political talking heads, or televised debates, is the length and unscripted nature of podcasts, if the host is managing their podcast the right way.

Podcasts are made for long-form conversation. The best Joe Rogan Podcasts are long conversations with brilliant guests, without cuts or commercial breaks.

You can’t fully understand a person or their perspective talking for less than five minutes. You need at least an hour to open up, relax, and get to the core of what someone believes.

Podcasts are a disrupter, like YouTube is for television. With Podcasts, all you need is a microphone and a voice to start. You can even use your phone, or a $100 dollar Yeti Microphone that sounds professional.

You don’t need a recording studio, a staff of trained sound engineers, or ten years of experience to get into podcasting; all you need is will.

Long podcasts win

Longer, educational podcasts are better than short pieces. Dan Carlin’s series, Hardcore History, is a brilliant example of educational content in Podcast format. His massive series on Ghengis Khan proves this.

The Wrath of the Khans is one of the best-performed pieces of educational & entertaining audio content you can find. Carlin releases his Hardcore History podcasts for free for a limited time.

Then, Carlin allows purchases of the previous content, like Wrath of the Khans, the five-part series that runs around ten hours and covers the history of Genghis Khan and his empire. The episodes aren’t expensive, and definitely require a listen. Many of Carlin’s series depict epic moments of bravery in history that are hard to believe.

Podcasts are Freedom

Podcasts also shine because anyone who wants a podcast can make one. You don’t need a company to start one for you, all you need is a microphone and a voice.

Tim Ferriss even published a post on everything he uses to create his popular podcast, The Tim Ferriss show.

With all the freedom podcasting gives, you’re going to get some great podcasts and some bad ones.

This post is going to cover the best podcasts for men, including educational, entertaining, self-development, men’s interest and other genres of podcasts.

While there is no way to define a “best podcast” for men since podcasts are an art that cannot be ranked, we are listing shows that are either geared towards men specifically or have a large male fanbase.

If you have any recommendations or any podcasts we missed, let us know by following and tweeting at our official twitter.

The Best Podcasts for Men


The Joe Rogan Experience

Men’s Interests, Education, Entertainment

Joe Rogan is to men, what Oprah is to women; and he is becoming more of a cultural icon by the day.

Joe Rogan is the epitome of “Fuck you, I do what I want,” The Joe Rogan experience gets millions of downloads, while his guests are whoever Rogan wants to have on. He simply doesn’t care; he does his show because he loves it.

That’s the way. Find something you love, do it for free, chase mastery, make money.

Not only does he have guests like Elon Musk, Tulsi Gabbard, Kevin Hart, or Jordan Peterson on, he also has comedian friends, who few people know about.

Joe Rogan X Elon Musk Best Podcasts for men

Rogan uses his podcast as a tool to learn from people who fascinate him, and as an excuse to hang out with his friends, drink, smoke, and discuss any topic that interests him.

Even Aliens.

The Joe Rogan experience is a great podcast for men because the show really has something for every guy while being entertaining, educational, and funny at the same time.

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast also acts as a great sports show if you’re an MMA fan.

Rogan isn’t afraid to ask hard questions either, as he usually has around three hours to interview his guests live, without commercial breaks or scripts.

Rogan’s podcast is one of the only talk shows with men, talking about predominately masculine topics. A good listen for all of us.

Hardcore History


Hardcore History is one of the best, if not the best, free audio programs you can get. 

Carlin spends months preparing each episode or series which is why there is usually a long delay between episodes.

Carlin finds some area of history, usually, something events not well known, or an event that was covered, but not in a great level of detail, and explains it piece by piece with a voice that was meant to be listened to.

You can hear the fear, excitement and genuine interest in Carlin’s voice as he talks about events like World War 2, the downfall of the Roman Empire, and more events.

The Art of Manliness Podcast

Men’s Interests

There aren’t many publications for men anymore.

Men’s interests, anything related to men’s issues, walks a fine line of being accused of Misogyny and being silenced simply for existing.

Some of this is justified and some of the silencings are not. Most men today are weak and society blames problems on strong men, when the real problem men, are the weak ones. Strong men follow a code that defines them.

Real & Fake Masculinity

The Art of Manliness slips under the censorship, and thrives, as one of the biggest publications by men, for men, encouraging men to become the best version of themselves.

Most men’s publications, especially the mainstream ones, aren’t written by men.

Esquire, GQ, Men’s health, these mainstream “men’s publications” are written by women writers who tell men how terrible they are for being people.

Other brands are notorious for hating men, like Gilette, for example, with the notorious anti-men ads for razors, made for men. The stupidity in this is glaring like staring into the sun.

The YouTube comments and drowning number of dislikes shows the moronic attempts from big corporations to virtue signal because they believe it makes them more profitable.

Brett McKay from Art of Manliness

The Art of Manliness Podcast is hosted by Brett McKay from Oklahoma, the creator of The Art Of Manliness.

In the show, Brett interviews guests he finds interesting that usually fall under men’s interest; an author with a new book that benefits men, or stories from men.

Brett’s blog, The Art of Manliness, is one of the best blogs for men, but it won’t be hardcore, self-development concepts like what you would find in the #manosphere.

Art of Manliness Dad Skills

Imagine there was a dad who knew every dad skill, grilled every Saturday on a perfect yard, and worked under the hood of his car every Sunday. That’s the art of Manliness. It’s worth a subscription.

As one of the only podcasts for men, the art of manliness podcast is worth a subscription.

The Monday Morning Podcast | Bill Burr show


Bill Burr is a man’s man comedian. His wit is sharper than the dull minds of the censoring social Justice Nicehole army, rendering Burr immune to scandal from the many diatribes of his show.

If you have good wit and you’re intelligent, funny, and quick on your feet, you are immune to the censors. It’s just the way it is.

Never apologize for what you say. Own who you are. Pay attention to what you say. Be laconic so you don’t make mistakes your mouth will have to fix later.

A good comeback and Fuck You money is usually what you need to truly have freedom of thought and expression if you are a man.

The Monday Morning Thursday show

The Monday Morning Podcast releases every Monday and Thursday. Bill’s show sometimes has a guest but most of the time it’s Burr ranting about man stuff; sports, women, remodeling a house and making fun of insane, anti-science pro-feelings content published in the news.

The Monday Morning Podcast is refreshing for men, hearing a man who can say whatever he wants to do exactly that.

The Tim Ferriss Show


Tim Ferriss is an entrepreneur, author, and successful investor, who invested in Evernote, Facebook, and Twitter. He hosts his self-titled podcast and interviews high-profile guests, usually ultra-successful businessmen, athletes, or the occasional freak of nature like Wim-Hoff.

Ferriss has written well-known books like The 4-Hour Workweek, the 4-Hour Body, and Tools of Titans.

Tim Ferriss is a closeted anti-social-justice individual, who created a name for those who make the world worse with their endless complaints. Bigoteers.

His Show, Like the Joe Rogan Podcast, is a long-form interview, usually lasting for around two hours.

Ferriss has an exceptional skill for asking questions. He even calls out how important it is to ask the right questions multiple times throughout the life of his show.

The Tim Ferriss Podcast is a good blend of self-development, business, and entertainment, that all men should give a listen to. Not only will you learn how to be a better businessman, but health and fitness tips too.

Jocko Podcast


Jocko Willink is the best selling author of Extreme Ownership, The Dichotomy of leadership, and the Discipline equals Freedom field manual. This is just his writing resume. Before that, Jocko was a Navy Seal Commander who served, boots on the ground.

Jocko is the definition of a warrior on the path. He does everything, and ties it together like he ties his Brazilian jujitsu black belt around his waist.

Jocko has guests, usually of a military background, or he discusses various war books and the philosophy behind them. Sometimes, he has veterans who have written a book, or not written one, to discuss their experience on the battlefield.

You won’t find a podcast like this anywhere else. The Jocko Podcast is good for men who are or are interested in the military, jujitsu, or business.

The Bold & Determined Podcast

Men’s Interests

The Bold and Determined Podcast is the audio-child from the famous men’s development blog, Bold & Determined.

The Podcast host is the creator of Bold & Determined, Victor Pride, who has a completely uncensored approach to masculinity, saying how he feels. A full advocate of free speech.

If you’re a sensitive guy, this podcast isn’t for you. Victor says things that aren’t PC, and, it is refreshing. When you aren’t required to work for someone else, you get the freedom to do what you want.

The format is Victor, solo, talking about a subject or doing Q/A style, pulling questions from the community.

Victor hasn’t been as active on his blog as of late, his podcast is a good replacement for all of those who miss the good Bold & Determined content.

Phil in the Blanks



I wasn’t expecting to consider a Dr. Phil podcast to be one of the best podcasts for men until he appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience, also featured on this list.

Dr. Phil is most known for his daytime television show, that is in the same category of Maury, Dr. Oz, or something else none of us should be watching.

However, the Phil in the Blanks podcast is a great show for men, but some episodes you won’t look twice at. Recently, Phil has shared his show with names like Ron White, Jay Leno, and former police chief David Brown, who was present during the 2016 Dallas sniper shooting.

Dr. Phil has big name power. He can get guests many small-time podcasters simply won’t be able to entice. He also does an excellent job asking deep questions and he lets his guests do the talking.

The Jordan Peterson Podcast


Jordan Peterson is a well-known intelectual who first came to the public eye through his lectures published on YouTube, and now, his best selling books; 12 rules for life and maps of meaning. 

Maps of meaning is a textbook Peterson created to define what meaning is and how to find it. The book is expensive, but you can get it for free using our audible partnership with two free books. 

Peterson may be one of the only voices fighting for and caring for men, one reason why his show is one of the best podcasts for men.

Peterson’s show has multiple formats, including interviewing guests, like Milo Yiannopoulos, who is the most censored man on the internet; and his lecture tour shows, that he records live to share on the Podcast.

If you liked Peterson’s books, his best quotes, and his self authoring program, his podcast is for you.

Naval Podcast



The Naval Podcast is the podcast hosted by Naval Ravikant, an entrepreneur who founded the Angel investing directory Angel list, among other equally impressive ventures.

Naval’s podcast is a gritty, business show where naval talks about different business topics around a core theme for usually around five minutes at a time.

His latest series, how to be rich, released as a two and a half hour mega-series with useful knowledge on how to become rich. No advice, motivation, or prayer, but an actual plan to become rich. It isn’t easy, but you can do it.

The Naval Podcast is a good podcast for men who are interested in business, finance, and venture capital.

Animal Spirits


These guys don’t release their podcast in video format. Here is a different video of them.

Animal Spirits is a wall-street style financial podcast hosted by Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson, both investors who have many years of experience in finance.

The show covers what happens in the market, investment advice, an occasional guest, and a series called Talk your Book, where authors are invited on the show to discuss their book, usually related to finance or trading.

Since it’s a man’s responsibility to be fiscally responsible, Animal Spirits is a recommended podcast for men to sharpen their knowledge of finance and investing.

You can start being fiscally responsible with a free stock from robinhood on us.

Animal Spirits feels like a conversation with your two uncles who work on Wall Street in the best ways, so expect some conversations outside of finance as well.

The Best Podcasts for Men – Summary

What did you think of the list? Did you subscribe to any podcasts, using a player like Stitcher? Let us know your favorite podcasts in the comments, or on Twitter by following the official Andreian twitter and your recommendations may be added to the list.

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