10 Best Jordan Peterson Interviews You Don’t Want to Miss

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the ten best jordan peterson interviews

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist from Canada. Peterson became a magnet for media attention recently, because he opposes certain fundamentals of social justice.

Peterson refused to follow Canada’s C-16 bill, which established law regarding gender identity and preference. Peterson declared he would not follow the law, because he believed C-16 was against Free Speech.

Free Speech in Canada

Free Speech isn’t absolute in Canada. The Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms does not protect hate speech or obscene content like pornography.

Canada criminalizes using the wrong gender pronoun

Hate speech isn’t defined; the phrase is grey. Hate Speech has different meanings for different people. A soft, doughy Social Justice Warrior will tell you hate speech is any white man talking.

12 Rules For Life

Peterson published a new book called 12 Rules For Life: An Antidote to Chaos.

It’s brilliant.

12 Rules For Life is a manual for the young man living the life he told himself he’d have when he was 16 years old, but, still hasn’t taken the first step to get there and instead looks at porn and plays Xbox all day.

jordan peterson 12 rules for life

Kindle | Hardcover | Paperback | Audiobook (free)

Peterson’s popularity has grown tremendously over the past year, popping up in interviews every day like a mole burrowing deep underground only to poke his head out in your yard 17 times a month.

Below are Jordan Peterson’s best interviews to date.

Best is defined in this use as most influential or, most notable. Notable in this use meaning most notes taken or greatest self-improvement potential.

What’s your favorite Jordan Peterson interview? 

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The 10 Best Jordan Peterson Interviews

Best Jordan Peterson Interview

No.1 | Channel 4 News

The channel 4 interview is Jordan’s most popular with over 6 million views. The interview is comical and spurned a new meme: So what you’re saying is….

Cathy Newman, the host, visibly faltered over many points Peterson made throughout the interview. At one point, Newman forgot her lines and accidentally dropped her aggressive masquerade after Peterson challenged her demeanor.

So what you’re saying is… watch this video first?

No.2 | Joe Rogan Experience #1070


No.3 | The Ruben Report

get your pencil ready–You’ll want to take notes for this interview.

No.4 | H3 Podcast #48

No.5 | Waking Up Podcast #67

No. 6 | Jocko Podcast 98 – Jordan Peterson Interview

Jocko Willink is a former Navy Seal Commander who now runs a consulting practice, Echelon Front. Jocko is the author of many books too and a prolific podcast host.

Jocko Willink Books

No. 7 | The Rubin Report Debate with Ben Shapiro & Jordan Peterson

No. 8 | Joe Rogan Experience #1006 Bret Weinstein & Jordan Peterson

Joe Rogan interviewing with Jordan Peterson & Brett Weinstein. Weinstein is best known for refusing to participate in Evergreen State College’s day of absence; the college demanded all Caucasians stay home from school for… a purpose. Weinstein refused.

Weinstein since resigned from Evergreen State, who later, paid him 500,000 dollars in settlement money for the affair.

no.9 | Adam Corolla & Jordan Peterson


No. 10 | H3 Podcast #37

Bonus Videos

bonus jordan peterson interviews

No. 11 | Jordan Peterson’s Ted Talk

Jordan Peterson’s Ted Talk. Have a pen and paper ready.

No. 12 | Jordan Peterson’s Best Moments

The best moments of Destruction from the gold-plated heart of Jordan Peterson.

jordan peterson art

What’s your opinion on Jordan Peterson after watching an interview?

You can learn more about Peterson on his website here.  Or here.

Wikipedia isn’t bad either.


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