How Berkeley college students react to The American Flag versus the ISIS Flag

Ami Horowitz shows student reactions to the American Flag and the ISIS Flag.


Ami Horowitz is a filmmaker for Fox News and he also makes independent content.

Horowitz has a great YouTube channel where he conducts cultural experiments that border on public pranks to make points about how American culture, particularly the youth, are degrading at a rapid rate.

With any video that is politically or culturally centered, you need to make sure to keep your mind open and not fall to toxic tribalism.

No matter what your particular political affiliation is, you need to keep an open mind to all ideas and thoughts. Once your mind closes you no longer learn and that’s what we call the end of the road.


Horowitz identifies with the conservative political group. Recently, he went to the University of Berkeley in California. Berkeley banned the word “manhole” because they deemed it sexist.

They also banned using the term, “manpower”, because it isn’t inclusive enough, even though it is just a sound with you make with your face.

There are bigger problems and better uses of time than meetings for naming sewer lids. Keep fighting the good fight.

Ami Horowitz at Berkeley 

Ami Horowitz went to the Berkeley campus. While on campus he waved an American flag, and he waved an ISIS flag. he filmed the results that you can see in the video above.

You can already expect what you’re going to see: entitled kids who have broken moral-structures with brainwashed, sensitive minds.

Don’t forget that YouTube videos are a product in the entertainment sector. Horowitz’s video is entertaining and a quick watch at two minutes and forty-seven seconds long. Although, he most likely spent the majority of the day at Berkeley to get the almost three-minutes of footage.

He looked for students to get enraged so he can get views. This isn’t a bad thing, but you must understand, most of the political outrage we have today come from the fringes of the blue and red spectrum.

Most people don’t care at all because most things don’t affect them directly.

Political parties are tribes. Identifying with a tribe can twist the way you think in a way that isn’t authentic to you. Keep an open mind.

Watch the video and see what college kids think about the American flag and the ISIS flag for a look into how culture has shifted.

Remember, identity with yourself and your views. That way, you can be your most authentic self, your best self.

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