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Basic Outfitters is a premium apparel brand specializing in the basics: Socks, Shirts, Underwear & Joggers. We’re reviewing Basic Outfitters and giving a brief history of the company.

Basic Outfitters started in 2014 when a couple moved in together and found they didn’t have the space for all their clothes. When Michael Deck, co-founder, had to buy all new basics, he couldn’t find a good middle-line for him. The designer underwear and socks were too expensive for how many basics he needed to replace. The cheap, H&M-type clothes fell apart too quickly, and weren’t high-quality.

The couple started Basic Outfitters to supply guys all the basics they need, at a low cost, with material that doesn’t itch, and feels good against the skin.

Basic Outfitters was featured in Shark Tank. The founding couple wanted 125k for a 10% ownership of their business. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to come to an agreement. Regardless, they’re doing fine and business is good. Shark Tank, even without a deal, brought them more customers through the publicity of the show.

Basic Outfitters Review

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Basic Outfitters has socks, underwear, joggers, T-shirts, all the essentials. But, what makes the company unique is the custom solution for buying all of your basics at once. Then you’re done. More on Creating A drawer soon.

Our Order 

  • 10 pack no show socks
  • Basic athletic black trunk
  • V neck pack – Black
  • Charcoal Jersey Joggers

basic outfitters order

We made the order back in May of 2017. We still have all the clothes today. Nothing has fallen apart.

The material is fantastic. The shirts are soft, so are the underwear and the socks. We’ve had our drawer for almost a year, and each piece is still holding up. The labels faded a little bit, but that’s the only wear we noticed. The shirts and underwear don’t have physical tags, either. No more itch.

It’s difficult to write a review about Basic Outfitters because the company does everything they say they do. The clothes are basic. They hold up. None of the clothes have logos or identifying marks. The company is Basic Outfitters. Because the clothes are basic.

It’s a bit anti-climatic ordering from Basic Outfitters. The clothes are exceptionally basic; you don’t think about the order–at all–a day after your purchase. But you have all of your basics covered. It’s a blessing to not think about meaningless needs like your underwear and sucks. Sixty dollars, for around 19 pieces of clothing, used for layering or essential wear like socks or underwear, is a lucrative deal for customers.

Basic Outfitters | Gift Cards

Basic Outfitters also has gift cards. The only option is a 60$ gift card to gift a drawer. That’s fine because the Create a Drawer is the best way to buy from Basic Outfitters.


Basic Outfitters offers free shipping for orders over 50$. Since the Create a Drawer options is 60$, you get free shipping for a nice amount of items.


Don’t buy individual pieces from Basic Outfitters. Buy using the create a drawer program. More on create a drawer farther down in the review.


Available Basics

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Basic outfitters has a variety of stocked apparel. Below is what they carry. Each link takes you to the corresponding section.

Basic Outfitters | Underwear

  • Boxer Briefs
  • Trunks | Our favorite. The all-black trunk is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. The black color ensures you won’t have any embarrassing tread-mark stains. Really, there’s no point to wear any underwear color except for black. Poop stains are an easy guarantee to disgust anyone who sees them.
  • Boxers | Don’t wear boxers. This isn’t the 90’s. As Tighty-whities we’re the staple of the 70’s, and before: boxers are the 90’s/2000’s equivalent. Upgrade to trunks or boxer briefs.
  • Underwear Briefs | Not aesthetically pleasing.

Basic Outfitters Socks

  • No Show Socks | The No Show socks are sort of like dance-slipper socks. If you want No Show socks, get them from the athletic section. You’ll get ten pairs instead of four.
  • Athletic Socks | We ordered the 10-pack of low cut socks. They’re soft, soft like what you imagine a baby panda’s fur feels like rubbing against your face.
  • Dress Socks 
  • Fun Socks | Comes with free tickets to Disneyland. Not really. The ‘fun socks’ are like dress socks but… fun. Somehow.
  • Super soft | The ten pack of super soft socks are wonderful. But, in the gym, your feet can get a little stinky. The soft socks absorb sweat, but not in a good way. More of a sponge absorbing water than the sweat-wicking effect of alternative Nike socks.

Basic Outfitters Loungewear

  • T Shirts | The T-shirts are very soft. One complaint: The shirts are a little baggy. This may be good for you. For us, we wanted shirts more form fitting. Still good for casual wear, but not for wearing out.
  • Joggers | Soft. Soft like baby pandas. But, not for going out. Again: a little baggy. Pajama pants, not casual day out athletic joggers.
  • Hats/Beanies | There are no products in this section at the time of the review.

Basic Outfitters Sale

Various items on sale. Not very inspiring patterns or designs. Don’t buy individual pieces but create  a drawer instead.

Sale link.

Basic Outfitters | Create A Drawer

basic outfitters review Create a drawer

The Create A Drawer option of buying clothes is groundbreaking. It’s F***ing amazing. Our order was 60$, for 19 pieces of clothing that cover all the basics a man needs.

We ordered back in 2017 of May. Since then, we haven’t needed to replace any clothing and nothing has fallen apart.

And, depending on how much clothes–basics–you already have: You may only need one drawer to fulfill all of your needs. Two drawers max.

There isn’t a better way to buy the essentials than using Basic Outfitters’ create a drawer system.

The company may have issues in the future with getting return business because they give you so many pieces, and the clothes hold up very well.

Creating Your Drawer with Basic Outfitters

create a drawer basic outfitters

The image above details the process for creating a drawer.

For your wildcard picks, get whatever you need. For a balanced drawer, if you want a large variety of basics, craft your drawer using our list above. This will give you everything you need.

Right now, there is only create a drawer for men. But, from the Basic Outfitters’ blog, they plan to release a Create a Drawer for women: likely by the end of 2018.

Coupon Codes

They work now, but they may not later on. Give them a shot for an extra discount.

welcome10 | Try this code for 10% off. Works for first time customers.


Basic Outfitters is the best way to buy basics but not for individual pieces of clothing. If you need basics, Create a Drawer. We can’t imagine needing to do this more than once a year, but, getting a new drawer every year is a wonderful option for clean socks and underwear.

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