Is Andreian Red Pill
The uniqueness of every soul is not a theme that our current culture, obsessed with group identities, cares to assert.
Dean Koontz | Odd Apocalypse

Being an Andreian is about conquering yourself.

Becoming the greatest version of yourself, while building a personal code to live by for the lost. All of us, are lost.
We, Andreians, create personal codes, stealing from the best. You can follow the Andreian doctrine, Stoicism, your religion.
What matters is you have a personal constitution to give your life meaning and order.
Being a strong willed individual who accomplishes what they want.
Life without accomplishment is a wasted life. When you die, regret bubbles over like the rabies infected mouth of a street dog. It makes us sick.
We don’t realize how much time we’ve wasted until our time is out. You don’t realize how thirsty you are until you’re tongue punching the hole of your water bottle fighting to get the last drop.

Chasing anything other than your own goals, or your allies goals, is trying to hydrate with salt water while lost at sea. You have nothing; you’re empty, your mind is gone, and so is your soul.

Andreian is not Redpill.

Because andreians don’t chase women. They don’t complain about them either. Actually, Andreians never complain-they know complaining is the cowards way out of solving your own problems. Instead, They pursue themselves, their goals while experiencing life’s pleasures on the side.
Chasing women is futile.
Women don’t want to be chased.  They want to be with the best person they can.
Don’t You?
If a woman chases you too hard, tells you she loves you after a date or three, you feel your stomach’s gymnastics performance as it flips, tosses and turns for an audience of you.
No one wants to sit upon a pedestal to look down upon their partner.
No sane person anyhow.

The Redpill is addicted to female approval.

They need women in their lives like a toddler needs his mother. When the toddler isn’t getting attention from mommy, he cries. Or, he starts a blog, reads about “Game,” and says all women are whores.

These are the men who need female approval the most.
Andreians are logical.
Redpill boys are emotional.
There is 0% chance all women are whores.
You’re more likely to be wanted by not wanting.
This is the truth. Andreians only subscribe to truths. They do not foster believes to strengthen imaginary identities.
Second, if women are whores, or not, it doesn’t matter to the Andreian. Because, Andreians don’t concern themselves with what they cannot control.
Andreians don’t care what others do with their lives. They care about becoming the greatest versions of themselves.
Complaining about the president while standing on a street corner is no different than throwing stones at the sun because you want a blue star instead of an orange one.
A blue Sun
You’re wasting your time.
Andreians do not throw sand from their hourglass into dead winds floating in no direction.
Normies,  peasants, civilians complain about society and large groups. They do this because it’s a problem that can never be fixed. You can’t change a culture without changing yourself first.
The complainers & whiners don’t want solutions. They want problems outside themselves; or the least amount of self-examination possible.
Extremists will never question or analyze themselves. They aren’t rational; cult members force fed beliefs from the media megaphone. Instead of reading literary masterpieces, they read facebook updates of their “friends” they’ve never met. if they were proven wrong, quite quickly through self-examination, they would crumble under their empire of lies.

Andreians don’t build empires made of sand.

 Andreians are kings
Andreians build skyscrapers of power. Organized, and editable. We subscribe to nothing except our ambitions and those of our brothers and sisters. Walking hand in hand up the tower of conquest to reach a final destination none of us understand. If a floor of our tower cannot support the next one hundred levels, we demolish it like destroying a dilapidated crack house to build a quaint family bakery.
Buildings of truth make the strongest foundations. The most powerful foundations don’t collapse.
Sand collapses with a gentle breeze of the wind.
Just. Like, Normies.
A normie is a regular person. Addicted to the bachelor, the smartphone, and a myriad of other vice-traps that are better off avoided. The distraction fly trap, catching any man, woman or child who dares venture near. Refuse discipline, and you are digested into the bottom-line of mega corporations with power far greater than most countries.
normal guys watching tv
Normies, Redpill, the others will never change. These groups are dogs chasing their tails until the pads of their feet wear to the bone. Leading sad, miserable lives that continue for eternity. Unfortunate, since self-improvement and self-conquest,  the Andreian way promotes universal happiness and potential to influence societies.

The Redpill complains.

Redpill men chase women. Andreians have goals; so women chase them. You cannot be attractive with a scent of desperation so foul, a pack of bloodhounds sprints away, far, far away from you.
They complain about women not loving them, and all women have abandoned their feminine ways. The Redpill whines like children who only received 9/10ths of the presents they wanted for Christmas

Andreians don’t care.

Andreians care about honor and accomplishment. The drivel of the world does not live in the mind of the Andreian.
Redpills are man-children waiting for mommy, their girlfriends to solve their problems. You should know it’s time to move on.
Andreians don’t stress, or complain, but remain the same no matter the game.
What they can control, they own.
What they cannot, they disregard like a hometown landmark they’ve seen every day since youth. Normies flock, Andreians toil.

Andreians subscribe to the truth.

Andreians are truth seekers

They don’t fit in into any group, except truth or the creation of it. An Andreian will find authenticity before any other.
The Redpill believes in the nuclear family, marriage, and children.
Andreians believe in whatever they want.
  • Does the type of family, if any you want matter? No.
  • Does the color or pigment of your skin matter? No.
  • Does your sexual orientation matter? No.
  • Does your religious belief matter? No.
What matters, is transcendence into greatness.
When you subscribe to a cult group like the Redpill, Feminism, Democrat or Republican you absorb their values like a sponge collecting water under the tap of a sink. Is Andreian Different? Are we, the Andreians DIFFERENT?
Yes and no. No, because we are a group with similar beliefs.
We see the truth in groups and their lies. We disregard the lies, the ideologies and subscribe to truth in any group. Truth supersedes the cult-mind.
Yes, we’re different because our entire theology orbits around getting everything you want and desire. Then, you and your brothers, other Andreians, walk hand in hand into the fires of hell to fight through the flames.  On the other side of hell is your heaven.
heaven and hell Andreian
Our heaven and hell is different. Yet, the same since we all fight for our ambitions and goals. We are the same, yet, unique and indifferent to any who oppose us, or who don’t belong with us.
The Redpill will metamorphosis you into an old, balding white haired man sitting on a rocking chair contemplating suicide.
Does that mean everything the red pill group says is wrong?
Absolutely not.
No group is entirely right or wrong. However, 99% of people in groups believe whatever the team believes.
Except for Andreians. 
Even as a group, the only beliefs Andreians hold are their own truths and that of scientific facts. For example, the earth isn’t round. Science has shown this for hundreds of years. It is undeniable.
For contested topics, Andreians believe whatever is closest to the truth. Andreians have no personal stake in data, answers, or anything. They follow the truth like a bounty hunter seeking his next target in a foreign country. You might not know where your target, the truth, is, but they will find it.
Becoming an Andreian will transform you into whatever the hell you want. The only alliance you have is to yourself, your ambitions, and other Andreians who are chasing the very same objective.
Is Andreia Redpill?
Not at all.
Andreia is ours to create the future together.
A future of truth.


  1. “What matters, is transcendence into greatness.”
    I love this. Way too many people get stuck on a specific formula or set of rules they must follow. If each individual is unique and the only quality we share is pursuit of greatness than the path we take to get there does not matter. We need to enter a world where all races and religions can work together for something greater.

    Brilliant post. Strong wordplay, strong message.

    • Couldn’t have said it better. It’s a waste to argue about race and religion. Become the best version of yourself. Nothing else matters.


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