You can use this post to add any website to your phone, or tablet. 

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You may not know you can add the Andreian Philosophy publication directly onto your phone.

The way to do it is simple. We use the Brave browser because Google Chrome and the others steal your data and sell it against your will.

How to Add the Andreian Publication to Your Phone

add andreian Philosophy to your Phone

If you’re using brave as your browser–and you should – stop letting companies make you their product–the process to add The Andreian Philosophy to your phone is easy.


  1. Open your Brave Browser
  2. Go to

add andreian to your phone

3. Select ” Add to home Screen“.

4. Confirm you want to add The Andreian Philosophy to your home page.

add andreian

5. Enjoy uncut and uncensored content directly from your phone.

You can use this short guide to add any website to your phone. Why would you add anything to your phone other than The Andreian Philosophy?

We’ll never know.

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