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There has not been a Andreian email in three months. I, Vincent, the main writer of Andreian, moved, became horribly sick and hospitalized, went to Paris twice: a busy past few months.

The newsletter and the posting frequency will increase. Now.

While Andreian in its current state is a blog, the future will revolve around the Andreian Code; a free code, for everyone, forever.

The code will support the Andreian philosophy and the core tenet: self – fulfillment through accomplishment.

Most of my work has been dedicated to the code. However, I haven’t been as dedicated to the Andreian cause as I need to be. There are no excuses. Being sick, busy, or tired isn’t good enough. I haven’t been preforming to the caliber I expect and it will change.

The Andreian publication you’re reading now will act as a magnet to find other strong individuals, and those who feel trapped in a complacent life they never wanted.

The Andreian newsletter

The Andreian newsletter will send monthly, around the first of each month. On occasion a second email will be released, but only when we have something valuable to say.

We will not send spammy newsletters and we will not send daily emails with fitness or business/crypto advice.

You don’t need a daily newsletter. You don’t need a weekly newsletter. Once a month is fine. Spending time on your path, your mission, that’s where your time needs to be spent. Not reading newsletters.


Monthy – 25th – 5th of following month – Guaranteed


  • Articles Published
  • News
  • Updates/changes to the code
  • Surveys I want to know answers to
  • events ( like a live reading of Musashi )
  • podcasts pushed
  • affiliate deals – actual deals – service spotlight? deal spotlight? Deal of the month?

Bi-weekly Newsletter: 10th – 20th – middle of the week – optional


  • 3 good books
  • Podcast recommendations
  • Misc affiliate service or amazon products
  • Article recommendations on site
  • Article recommendations off site and ping them
  • other information that can’t wait for the monthly newsletter

The first newsletter will be sent out this month. The content will be helpful, interesting and concise.

Signup to our newsletter using the form below this post. We promise you won’t be spammed and we’ll only include helpful content. That’s all for now.

By the way, I’m looking for a web developer to redesign the site. Use the contact page if you’re interested and prepared to send/co-design a mock.





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