Andreian January Update

This is the January Update. Expect more updates each month on the status of Andreian.

The posting frequency has been sparse on Andreian and I’m going to use this blog post to address why. I’ll also address the plans for Andreian which are much larger than a internet blog.

My name is Vincent and I’m the creator of the not yet released Andreian philosophy. 

I’m creating a philosophy based on the greatest philosophies of the past and the best thinkers of the present. A code will accompany the philosophy–sort of like a Bible YOU get to adapt to your life.

Greatest and best are both objective words. There is no greatest or best anything. What I’m regarding as ‘best‘ or ‘greatest‘ comes down to one of the core beliefs of the Andreian Philosophy. 

Self fulfillment through accomplishment. 

The second major component of the philosophy is ancient honor for modern conquerors. 

The content of the philosophy comes from sources that promote accomplishment and relate to discipline, fortitude, confidence and self-improvement. Not the kind of self-improvement which comes from books, but the kind that requires challenge.

The Andreian philosophy will be free, for everyone, forever in multiple  formats. 

There will be paid options for the philosophy as well, but the free versions will have the same content as the paid. There won’t be a ‘light‘ version of the code.

The differences between paid and free versions comes down to formatting. 

This way, I can raise funds to make content and work on the code full time while creating a good life for myself. 

There’s nothing wrong with profiting off the work you do, given, that the work you’re doing isn’t a scam and your work adds value to somebody.

Don’t be afraid to ask for money for your work if your work is good and you bled for it. 

Getting Paid is Okay

American politics is twisted like the root of a dead tree and the culture can make you believe asking for money is wrong. It’s not. Capitalism is king and socialism is murder. Until a better system is found–Capitalism is the best we’ve got.

What you make is valuable and money is a symbol of created value. 

The philosophy is coming in multiple formats like a book, posts, files, etc. More information on this soon once it’s released. 

Posting Frequency 

Posting frequency for the site has gone down and its all my fault. 


Good.‘ is a concept from a book called extreme ownership. If it’s your fault you can fix it. If the problem isn’t your fault, you’re powerless. Make it your fault.  Having Extreme Ownership creates protection against disregarding responsibilities. Because with Extreme Ownershipeverything is your responsibility.

I’m in the process of moving to the bay for a higher paying job and better access to great MMA gyms. Specifically, AKA–where Daniel Cormier and Khabib Nurmagomedov train.

My goal is to make enough dough to run the Andreian Philosophy and pursue my passions which include:

  • The Andreian Philosophy
  • Podcasting
  • Creative writing 
  • Fiction writing
  • Finance and investing 
  • Inventing
  • Martial arts 

The Andreian philosophy will have a section about picking your masteries. I listed mine above.

Those are my masteries: Skills that have a clear ascension path you can follow until you die. The way, as Musashi called it.

Another reason for the posting delays was the amount of time I spend on one post. 

The eight rules of fight club post had three drafts and ran over 4000 words long. This length is great for seo but hard to sustain creating content every week while working a full time job.

From here on posts will vary in length and complexity. My goal–which may be overreaching–is a daily post and a few days with double posts. 

The posts will blend different categories including products, book releases, seo content, essays and general information for men pertaining to living a better life. 

I’m open to submissions from anyone who wants to contribute. I won’t accept garbage, but for new writers I’m able to spend time editing and assisting with content.

You’ll get an author box you can fill with your social media, blog, and you get one link back to your site if your post is accepted.

If you want to contribute, write some words and use the contact page or contact me or the Andreian page on social media. I’ll include links below.

Return Of Kings


Return of kings was the only men’s website written by men for men and it shut down because no donation platform wanted to host them. Return of kings couldn’t accept donations on Paypal, Paetron, and wherever else it was earning money. Return of Kings couldn’t ran ads, either, because of the embargo on the publication.

return of kings shut down

The Founder of Return of Kings is Roosh, a pickup artist back when The Game was the biggest book for men and guys met in lairs to exchange tips and techniques on how to pick up women.

The Andreian Publication is NOT going to be like Return of Kings, because Andreian wants nothing to do with game or picking up women. Return of Kings is like a Cosmopolitan Magazine for men. That’s not a bad thing and I’m not criticizing the brand. It’s just not us.

Twenty of the worst Cosmopolitan articles. Including: “Guy Butt watch ’99”.

Return of Kings wrote Cosmopolitan magazine from the perspective of a men’s locker room. Locker-room talk is unacceptable and downright dangerous in the political climate we face today, where anything you say will be used against you and can get you fired.

Our focus will not be picking up girls. Our focus will be a philosophy and a code anyone can follow that maximizes potential for accomplishment because I believe an accomplished life is a good life and your life’s focus should be: finding paths to walk down until you die. Finding Masteries.

We’ll never talk about chasing women on the Andreian Publication. 

Andreians–those who follow the concept of self-fulfillment through accomplishment–chase goals not girls. It’s a motto.

You’ll find skills you’re good at that you enjoy and spending every waking minute thinking about those skills and becoming better at them.

I also want to make the world a better place. Better is subjective. My version of a better world is a world that embraces truth; regardless of how ugly the truth may be. 

My idea of Utopia is a world that embraces information closest to the truth. A world that is flexible to new truths. A world that doesn’t hide behind lies out of fear, ego, greed or group identity.

Politics today is a boys Vs Girls | Democrats Vs Republicans kick-ball game using different rules. No one will win, no one is thinking, and the solution is fucking, fighting, or talking it out–without debate. Podcast Style.

A utopia is a place where everyone thinks for themselves and embraces truth while pursuing their callings.

Some articles on the site will cover how the world could improve if the herd changed direction. Unfortunately, you can’t force people to change. But, if enough people begin to change their minds–they can change themselves.

The internet is making all of us crazy. While the world seems like an entry in the video game series Fallout, the world has never been better.

Sometimes you need to turn your phone off and go on a walk to see that.


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