Did you know the Andreian Philosophy has an Instagram page? We even have a Facebook page, but who cares.

Our Twitter is much better, anyway.

On the official Andreian Instagram, we post content which, isn’t motivational. The content we publish is more accurately described as anti-motivation. The content we post on Instagram hurts. It should. Feel-good sensations won’t make you stronger. Eating glass is a better choice than eating cupcakes.

Motivation is like bathing. You need constant motivation for your mind to stay clean. That is, if your foundation drive is based on motivation; a poor decision from the beginning.

Creating a foundation using discipline is a castle, fortified with a moat, full of snapping alligators and sea-snakes.

Discipline is impregnable.

You can’t beat discipline. Discipline shows up whether feelings feel good, or bad. Discipline wins because discipline is consistent. Like compound interest. Or the Simpsons.

Our Instagram content

Our Instagram content is not pre-packaged, you can do it, motivational cotton candy, with the same mental nutritional value as arsenic.

We’ll provide good content, user stories, quotes to inspire classical thought, and post updates– including posts directly in our Instagram posts.


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You deserve to be featured on our Instagram. Share an image of you getting after it, chasing glory down your path. @andreianphilosophy in the post, or tag us in the image.

Also, use the Hashtag #iamandreian

We will repost your image on our page. We want you to inspire–not motivate–millions of others who need to be freed from a monotonous life they feared in childhood.

Musashi was the greatest swordsman to ever live. He wanted the world to know. Show the world your greatness through discipline. We’ll help.

And remember, never care what people think about you. But, use their constructive words, without emotion, to improve.

You’re not here to take part. You’re here to take over.


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