I’m disappointed I haven’t been able to write all the content I have planned to release. More importantly, I still haven’t released The Andreian code.

The code is a combination of wisdom from books, podcasts, ancient philosophy and, in general–information pertaining to the Andreian Philosophy creed: Self-fulfillment through Accomplishment.

The mission of the blog and the code is to unite men without purpose–provide purpose–and resurrect brotherhood. And honor.

“The mass of men lead quiet lives of desperation.”

Henry David Thoreau

Most men live a quiet life of desperation.

Unless you’re a soldier, a professional athlete, or someone lucky enough to have found your way, your life isn’t what you dreamed of when you were a child. Your life is certainly less than that.

But it doesn’t have to be.

You have to do hard things. A man must conquer to be fulfilled. He must brave new territories both external and internal. Unfortunately, 95% of the external adventure is gone.

There aren’t any more continents to explore. The ocean remains a mystery. No unknown invaders exist; no risk of being raided.

There is nothing to fear. Therefore, no meaning.

All that’s left is a low-grade buzz of stress and anxiety from pretending to fit in, rationalizing a level of boredom the conquerors wouldn’t understand.

Safe isn’t Good.

The male spirit weakens while the world becomes safe. Our problems make us feel important. They give us meaning. Without any real problems, we have no dragons to slay. No heroes.

Now it’s up to us to make dragons to kill. Dragons we want to kill.

Have you ever struggled to fall asleep because an idea gave you as much excitement as your first hard-on? You can be that excited every day. But you need meaning.

We have no idea how to fix our lives. Most of us have great, safe, and happy lives. But they aren’t fulfilling. Happiness isn’t fulfilling. Accomplishment is.

Dragons were everywhere before humanity became civilized. If you didn’t accomplish your goals you probably died.

Even though life was infinitely harder a thousand years ago, there was more fulfillment back then. If you couldn’t find the food you died. Simple times. All of your problems were about survival.

Existing was simple and fulfilling; you find food, you live, you fill your belly. You might find enough food to feed the rest of your tribe. And now you’re a hero.

Forcing yourself to be a hero is hard.

Humans show their fangs and their claws when pushed into a corner. Putting yourself in a corner is hard. Your body and your mind work to protect you. But it’s the problems that make life worth living.

You have to create problems now.

The Andreian Philosophy blog

I’ve said this multiple times and I will continue to say it. This site will never be abandoned. Even if I do take time off, Andreian Philosophy will continue forever.

About a year ago I took a full-time job after being self-employed for a long time. I moved to an expensive area in the bay. With my business and non-paycheck income, I can’t support myself here. It’s too expensive. So I’m going to regroup and move or find a new job here. Although I can’t stand “here.”

Living in the bay taught me American Culture is shifting to entitlement through victimization.

There must be predators to create victims. Real predators exist but there are far less than the news, twitter, want you to think there is.

Now even predators can claim some kind of victim status. It’s never anyone’s fault.

The world is soft and there is no meaning anymore. nothing to overcome. We have to make our obstacles to overcome or we will all go mad in just a few decades. We are all watching it slowly happen now. The first to go is free speech. Or Logic. both are evaporating at a rate that doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Current situation

I’ll never stop writing. It’s the only thing I want to do. Writing is one of my three purposes. All below.

Mind: Finance

Body: Mixed Martial Arts

Spirit: Writing

However, having a blog requires a level of technological savvy that I lack.

All I want to do is write. Often I’m forced to struggle with WordPress and coding.

Yesterday I sat down to write. I was sick and had no excuse. I was going to be on the couch anyway. It’s this or TV and I’ve already watched Sons of Anarchy. For the second time.

I logged into my WordPress dashboard and I faced a blank, white screen. I couldn’t access anything. Not the dashboard, the pages, or the posts.

For someone who is an experienced developer, this issue is a problem that can be and will be solved. For me, it’s a brick wall with “Fuck You” spray-painted across in 300pt Comic Sans font.

Other issues include:

  • Critical PHP errors on previewing posts & saving certain changes
  • Posts aren’t saving
  • Preview doesn’t render

The only thing I want to do is write. But I get too many issues when I log in to the website. I know what I want the publication to look like but I lack the skill to turn this rusty pile into something worth driving.

I need a developer to redesign the site to create a better reading experience and to make the website, theme, host–whatever–stable.

if you are that person or know who that person is contact me on twitter.

Help fix my problems and we will begin a long, fruitful relationship. I’m not asking for free help either. but I need someone who can take my Webdesign thoughts and reject the bad ideas then refine the good ones.

I have an idea of what I want but don’t know how to make it. I don’t even know if my ideas are the right ones. I know that writing is right. I need a better medium to convey the words.

Let’s not give up.

P.S: More content coming soon. I’ll either hire a developer once I finish moving or learn how to do the work myself. I’m in a position where it’s hard to take on another project, like managing or doing website redesign.

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