The Andreia Challenge Series

challenge series


andreia challenge series

The Andreia challenge articles each contain a challenge anyone can do.

Most people believe reading improves their lives – not true; Growing against struggle levels you up. Think of a video-game. As you progress, missions become more difficult.

In life, no one leaves the training level, repeating the same task over and over until the power runs out.

People who read too much are Self-Help-Assholes trapped inside a glass house with walls smeared black with their bullshit excuses.

Fear is blinding.

So are lies.

Test yourself with a new challenge each month.

These articles are example challenges for you to try. Do something hard every month. The larger the struggle you bear, the greater your life will become.

Make your own challenges too.

Challenges take you away from your comfort zone. That’s it.

Life begins against struggle. The pursuit of more leisure time is empty. Responsibility amplifies power.

Normal people work for vacations and over sized televisions that belong in the MGM Grand. Not a mid-century suburban home drowning in a 7% interest mortgage.

The Greatest Artists

The greatest artists work for the love of their craft. They don’t care about money. Money is a side-effect of mastery. Mastery is challenging.

Some men might say they chase perfection. However, good artists know perfection is a unicorn. Fast, imaginary, yet they chase it until they die, knowing they’ll never reach perfection, trying anyway.

Pablo Picasso never stopped painting.

Great men love the challenge life presents.

Struggle every day.

Don’t kill yourself, but get close to the line.

  • You’ll sleep better at night
  • Gain confidence
  • Gain status
  • Grow stronger
  • More female attention

You’ll transform into a confident version of yourself, on the way to becoming the best version of yourself.

The weak hate to struggle because they fear change. For a weak man change means the destruction of current standing.

For a great man, change means ascension to the levels their mentors previously held. The greatest reward for a mentor – observing a student, learning ravenously like a man who hasn’t eaten for three weeks surpass them.

Change is an improvement.

Always change.

The first challenge: One hour of pullups


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