Afinil Express Shut Down. They Recommended Using this Supplier Now

affinil express mod af

affinil express mod af

As of June 30th 2019, the most known and secure online Modafinil provider decided to give up on the limitless drug, and shut down.

Afinil Express was a Modafinil supplier that stayed online for about two years before deciding to hang it up most likely do to pressure.

In most countries, you aren’t free to put what you want in your body, but must get permission to from other grown men who  work for the people.

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is described as a wonder drug that allows an individual to experience peak performance in their mind with few side effects.

The drug allows someone to work or focus on whatever they want for long periods of uninterrupted time, often without the need to eat, drink, or use the restroom.

Modafinil became popular with those who have stressful jobs, or people who need to work extremely long hours.

Modafinil is prescribed for Narcolepsy, Sleep Shift Disorder, and occasionally prescribed for ADD/ADHD, but people without these conditions use Modafinil to have fruitful working sessions they wouldn’t capture with a simple cup of coffee.

Afinil Express

Modafinil suppliers seem to have a short shelf-life, usually doing business for a maximum of two years before abruptly going out of business, only to recommend an alternative supplier that, strangely, communicates and offers the same level of service as the last.

Modafinil Cat

modafinil cat affinil express mod af

Before Afinil Express there was Modafinil Cat.

The cute, purple, brightly-lit website stood out for its Amazon-like amazing levels of customer service for buying an illegal drug, although not heavily-penalized since it is made for work and not a party drug.

Modafinil Cat was the original supplier and the best. They offered a discounted sample pack, discounts for returning customers, discounts for Bitcoin, and even a package tracker that worked better than what the United States Post Office currently offers.

Modafinil Cat has been dead for awhile. Afinil Express came from Modafinil Cat, and Mod AF was recently born from Afinil Express.

The current state of Afinil Express

While the Afinil Express website is still up, it won’t be for long.

The website has been replaced with a goodbye message and a farewell song; Bye bye, Love, from the album Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon & Garfunkel.


you won’t be able to order any Modafinil from Afinil Express anytime soon.

In a sad farewell email, Afinil Express recommended another supplier who strangely, has most of the same features as Afinil Express.

Afinil Express Recommends Mod AF


The Mod Af website looks clean, with a new, creative domain that won’t be easy to find. But, you can find the website here.

Similar to Afinil Express, Mod Af offers shipping with tracking, Bitcoin payments, free re-shipment if something goes wrong, and a new offer, Male Enhancement.

You won’t be able to pay with card at Mod Af. They only accept Bitcoin, Ether, or Minero; a good thing for your privacy and security.

If you need to buy bitcoin for Modafinil, or want to invest using Bitcoin, try Coinbase. You’ll get $10 worth of Bitcoin free when you invest $100 when you use our link. 

However, you now can select what shipping you prefer. One option is free and the other is a paid express ship, which wasn’t available from other Modafinil suppliers in the past.

If you need Modafinil, Mod Af is the Affinil Express recommended supplier.

This is not medical advice and we are not recommending you to take any substances from this post. This is only news/entertainment. You are responsible for your own decisions.

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