A smartphone is a digital leash. You’re the dog. Whenever you leave the house your phone takes you for a walk.

People don’t use maps or navigate themselves, anymore, because their phones walk them.

People don’t memorize phone numbers anymore–how many do you remember? There’s no need to remember numbers with a smartphone; memory is outsourced to the phone. But that’s not a good thing. Losing a skill for an easier way of living–that’s technology.

Technology makes life easier and worse; humanity is meant to struggle and fight. Without a fight, most won’t try, and resort to working in insurance. Don’t regret your life.

A smartphone is an external brain. If you think the future isn’t here yet, you’re wrong.

Your phone isn’t a phone. These devices need a new name.

Or, simply call them devices. Or brains. A smartphone is so much more than a phone. It’s you.

Your smartphone is your personality: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. We aren’t who we are anymore but who we pretend to be on social media.

Your smartphone is a tool for business and finance: Robinhood, customer contacts, Venmo & Paypal. 

Your smartphone is a teacher: Duolingo, Udemy, & Audible.

Here are two free books from audible.

Most people use their phones for entertainment or ego validation for hours, every day. You can be different.

Use your phone to walk farther down your path and achieve your goals. Like Musashi did, the greatest Samurai to ever live.

What losers Use Their Phones For

Facebook & Instagram

Comparing their lives and their vacations to their friends, and letting the accompanying self-esteem shifts control their days.

Social media is for communication. Including marketing, but not for comparing or scrolling. Never scroll. Instead, make everything you do remarkable.

Men will use social media companies for pornography instead of seeking the light of Nofap.

The news

Entertainment for the high-brow who looks down upon high-quality programming like the Sopranos, or Game of Thrones. Later, the news-watcher will often use his knowledge of current events to virtue-signal his world prowess; but he still has no skills.

And skills pay the bills.

Don’t watch the news. It’s a tranquilizer for men, and most news organizations are controlled by the same five groups.

Video Games

Mobile games are virtual crack pipes stacked in hundred-foot-tall piles on every street corner. Toxic and available.

You could play mobile app games until you die, and you still wouldn’t finish everything in the Android store, or the app store, because these games are impossible to beat.

There’s no end. No completion. No stop. You can never win, but you can lose. The war never ends; if you have the money for it.

Most people in developed countries have smartphones. Seeing someone with a flip phone, or any device you can’t touch, seems like a relic of a time back when everyone believed in free speech and opposing political parties didn’t mean sworn enemies.

Don’t play games on your phone that require additional investments.

Play good, high-quality games with deep, everlasting stories you’ll remember forever.

The best games aren’t usually found in the app store. Google play doesn’t restrict the market like the cold-blooded sickle-wielding Apple gods do.

If you’re burned out and need a break, download a video-game emulator to your phone, then, acquire games from older consoles with stories lacking in political agendas.

Games in the 2000’s, and earlier weren’t about money or politics but about making a good product and a glorious adventure to enjoy.

How Andreians (WINNERS) Use Their Phones


Andreians understand with a smart-device, you can always learn new information. You can listen to audiobooks with audible, like the war of art or Ray Dalio’s profound new release, Principles.

Always Learning.

That’s the key.

You have no excuse. You can always be improving. Download all the learning apps. Some even teach you how to code.

You can download Khan academy and learn high-level math once reserved for physicists, and mathematicians who solve problems like how large the earth is, using the complex language of math.

You can give your kids educational games, instead of fisting Netflix and YouTubers down their throats until the burst with poverty.

There are great apps for learning how to use the stock market. There are apps for learning how to make apps.

The games section of the app store is like a mall and the education section is a library. Spend time at the mall losing IQ points and dollars at the same rate or sit at the library and learn.

You can learn anywhere.


Winners read. And listen. And learn. And execute.

All four pieces need to be there. It’s a recipe for a delicious meal except the meal is commas and zeros’ and gold bars you don’t need to chew to devour.

Use audible for books.

Have two books for free.

Download the Kindle app and read books while you’re on the bus, on a plane, or standing in line. Never let a second escape you that could be used for human progress and baby footsteps down your path.

While books won’t make anything happen, they are a better use of time than playing video games, masturbating, or shopping for limited edition Supreme collectible lamps & cutlery sets.

If you can work, work. If you can’t, or if you reach burnout–a terrible place where mistakes you know you shouldn’t be making are made–read.

Make your leisure time productive, and don’t mistake reading for anything other than leisure although a better form of leisure compared to empty pursuits like gaming.

If you want to game, there are two ways to go about it.


Stream your gameplay. Buy a streaming kit–some lights, a microphone, and a green-screen then your hobby becomes a business and your confidence grows while you become numb to screen-names calling you names.

Earn your leisure.

Set hard goals. Set experiences as rewards.

If I do X, I get Y. And Y is a guilt-free purchase and full playthrough of a game of my choice.

If I finish this investing course, and turn 500$ into 600$, I buy and play Grand Theft Auto V guilt free.

For online games, give yourself a reward for playtime in hours or the number of games you get to play. The word playtime–play and time–together, is emasculating.

If I finish the course on drop-shipping with Shopify and achieve one sale after building my site I get to play 30 games of overwatch.

Research and notetaking

Use your phone to research and take notes, and to record all the ideas you get. Typed notes and spoken notes. Evernote does both.

Most people let their ideas slip through their minds expecting to remember them. Ideas are never remembered, but elephants never forget. That’s why Evernote uses an elephant for their logo. Paper never forgets either, but paper isn’t accessible across devices and can be destroyed.

Go to the app store, or the google play store and search for an app used to track the time you spend on your phone. And get Evernote.

For android–non-communist-phones–rescue time is amazing. It’s a great app. Keep your phone usage below an hour a day.

Your Time is Accountable to No one.

There is no one entitled to your time. Your time is a gift, and you may take it away. This is the mindset you must have for any chance of focus without distraction.

Don’t answer emails outside of your working hours unless it benefits you. Something like a sales job. Everyone wants to take your time from you in exchange for money or entertainment. Entertainment is a bigger seller than sex. Now.

No one owns your time | Ditch Your Phone

You cannot accomplish any major tasks while checking Instagram, Facebook, and the other poisons.

Astronauts don’t have smartphones in space.

Distractions eliminate deep work and deep work is a requirement for anything worthwhile.

Gandhi, Martin Luther King, George Washington; think of any great man. Would he be able to accomplish his feats if he took photos of himself with dog ears for random girls on Tinder and achieved a top-1000 leaderboard ranking in Candy Crush?

Living without your phone is a skill. Using your phone for growth, instead of decay, is another skill. Both are needed.

When you’re studying or working turn off your phone.

If your friends get upset you aren’t answering their texts or calls, they aren’t your friends. They’re weak and keep you around to control over another man. That’s power. Having control. Humans crave control.

Instagram is a control master. Billions of hours a year spent admiring unremarkable people at the gym and doctored up photos of “insta celebrities” casually posing with one leg up on a fence for the perfect glute flex.

Put your phone in a different room and turn it off.

It’s the only way. Don’t even look at the physical shape of your phone, lock it in a safe.

Being alone is sacred. It’s the time when you can heal, think, and have a modicum of peace. Introverting can’t occur with a phone in your pocket.


It’s easy to become a slave to your phone. It’s hard to be a master of your domain.

Let no person and no thing take your time away.

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