A New Predator

This is a guest post from Reagan. He writes at Fix My Broken Mind. This is his second post, his first, destructive words to eliminate from your life. His words are crisp and focused like the pages of a freshly-cut book right of the press.


A mouse fears a cat and the cat fears a coyote.

A coyote fears a wolf yet the wolf fears man.

But what does a man fear?

As the ruler of the animal kingdom with no threat to its survival, what could a man be afraid of?

Gmo’s, skin cancer, getting fat?

While each of these may cause concern for an individual throughout their life, they are not fears.

Fear cuts deeper. Fear has the potential to bleed out your life force, like a double-edged sword that must be utilized with special care. 

A single instinct that can rob you of your dreams or propel you past them like an Olympic swimmer chasing after gold.

Real fear causes the insides to flutter.

Your heart beat picks up, your mind becomes alert, and a sense of urgency is rampant.

This fight or flight response is what kept humans alive before we had conquered the food chain.

Thankfully, the days we found ourselves face to face with saber tooth tigers in a gamble for dinner are no more.

Fear is as strong a mechanism for survival as it has ever been.

Today we find ourselves facing a different kind of death. A death delivered much slower, with stakes exponentially higher.

The death of a soul.

You may feel this kind of fear on a Sunday evening or any weekday morning.

As you drive to work your inner anxiety is a small reflection of your survival instinct.

Your fear catches on before you do as you realize a little more, day by day, that you are living lifelessly and therefore dying.

This is the kind of lifeless living that has people imprisoned in the thralls of a 9-5.

This is the kind of lifeless living that has people taking a knee for 40 years of their lives.

What for?

So they can retire once the bulk of their life force has been drained from their earthly bodies?

As we open our eyes we see a real cause for your fear.

There is a new predator in the kingdom and whispers in the air call it “The Man.

Almost nobody can hide from The Man. The warning signs are harder to see than the footprints of a mouse yet The Man is more threatening than a lion.

He likely already his claws on the fabric of your designer clothing, maintaining an ever increasing grip on that which you value over your freedom.

Strangely, culture seems to deify the man and sacrifice entire generations to ensure that The Man thrives.

He will weaken your stride by using those he has already claimed to instill fear and doubt in your own abilities.

Your teachers, your friends, and your parents likely all worship this sadistic predator.

Their souls have already been taken and they wander blindly, offering directions to you without eyes of their own.

Go to school, get a house, and then you will find a happy life they tell you, each one more miserable than the next.

This is an all encompassing predator, one that hunts for sport, not a meal.

Your eyes are still wide, look out for the footprints of the man. Keep your ears closed to those around you and listen carefully.

He is coming.

With enough focus, you can see the vibrations pulsing through your cup of water as he draws nearer.

Pack your bags and run harder, run faster, and never look back.

The Man will always be in your rear view, offering you false promises of security, showing you the bait but never the hook.

If he gets his hands on you, it’s all over.

First, he will rip out your eyes, then your heart, then your will.

When your greatest fears have become reality, he will crush your soul and make you do the same to your kin – the ones you love most. This further perpetuates the cycle and makes The Man grow stronger.

Your fear is your last line of defense.

Use it to make something the man cannot compete with.

Your life has a purpose but the man wants to drown it.

You were born into this world to make a difference through your talents, not to sit at a desk and waste them while you develop carpal tunnel over the years.

Where does your fear point to passion? Where does your fear turn to fire?

Feel it. Map it. Seize it.

Never ignore these feelings. 

They have been bestowed upon you so that you can be one of the few who conquers The Man.



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