A few days ago we published a list of 20 challenges to accomplish in 2020. The challenges will test your body, mind, and spirit in various ways.

It’s the start of a new decade. Start it off right with challenges made to make you stronger.

I have a lot planned for 2020, including the release of the free Andreian Code. It will release as three different file downloads–one file for the body, one for the mind, one for the spirit. This could change. I’m still working out the best way to release the code on the highest number of platforms.

Having files as a format is okay, but it doesn’t allow the connection I want. Ideally, I want each section of the code to live on multiple devices so you can look–and edit for yourself–everywhere. That’s why I’m researching Evernote as one, of many, possible hosts.

Evernote will allow you to copy the code, then edit it to your life. That’s the point of doing this. Creating a base template code around self-fulfillment through accomplishment that anyone can adapt to their life; even if they want nothing to do with fulfillment or accomplishment.

Andreian Code Release

I expect The Andreian Code to release no later than June. I can afford for it to be free, for everyone, because there will be affiliate links inside. You can remove them if they bother you.

Also, we’ll sell book versions in volumes of the code. They are no different than the free one. I believe information should be free if it can.

More Writers

I want to make The Andreian Philosophy blog a hub for people who believe in the philosophy of Self-Fulfillment Through Accomplishment. SFTA.

Let everyone share their stories and wisdom whether they write a blog or not.

If you’re interested in contributing, reach out to me on Twitter. You don’t need to be a professional writer, but consider your pitches and the content on the site.

All writers can send one link back to their website. You also get an author box for a bio and website plug and links to your social media accounts.

More writers means more content. I’m going to make a better effort to write more posts of increasing breadth. There’s really no restrictions on what we can publish. I want the blog to keep a positive tone while focusing on achievement and mastery.


I want to start a Podcast for solo-ramblings and one for interviewing guests. I have all of the equipment to start. I didn’t make the time to do it this year.

I want to start podcasting because I like asking questions. Podcasting is an excuse for distraction-free conversation in a long format. It’s hard to get a deep conversation in real life. I want to get them from podcasts.

Website redesign

I spoke about this earlier and in the newsletter. The website needs a redesign. It will happen this year. The redesign will push the code more than the blog, while the blog will be used to attract people who think like us.


Once the code releases, I need to build a community around it. Most likely, it will be a Discord server unless a better alternative appears.

I like Discord for the structure of the groups. There will be a general chat and a chat for more serious practitioners that is either invite-only or application-based.

The objective is making a crew who pursue mastery in their chosen paths while receiving help–and helping–the men around them.

Let’s make 2020 a legendary year.




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