2019 was not a high growth year for the site. I had little time to write. The blog had bugs that made writing almost impossible.

Now, almost all of the technical problems are fixed and I have a content calendar in place so there shouldn’t be any further gaps in content.

This year will also feature the release of the Andreian Code. The free code for living the Andreian Creed: Self-Fulfillment Through Accomplishment. SFTA.

Once it releases the content of this website will focus on the code. There will still be consistent blog content, but blog content will be used for attracting new readers instead of being the main attraction.

The articles below are a mix of pieces that generated massive traffic in 2019 and articles I am particularly proud of. Each headline is a link. There is an additional article link in the accompanying copy.

I hope you enjoy them.

The Best Andreian Philosophy posts of 2019

The Real Reason Your Life Has No Meaning

You need conquest to have a meaningful life. If you aren’t doing difficult things, you aren’t overcoming obstacles that make you proud to be YOU.

The Nofap Flatline | What it is and How to Beat it

This article became popular on the R/Nofap subreddit–where Nofap was born. It explains how to overcome a Nofap Flatline.

The five best books on Body Language

I became interested in body language after reading Robert Green’s, Seduction.

I wanted to learn how to read emotions conveyed in body language. I found out there aren’t many books on body language, but these are the best. For now.

Studies Show Creatine is a Powerful supplement for Fighting Depression

Creatine is known as a muscle-building supplement. However, creatine has several other benefits and has even been shown to reduce depression.

How to play the mindfulness game

Every time you get lost in thought, go back to the breath. It’s a game you play forever.

The Best Podcasts for Men

My opinion on the best podcasts for men. I based my picks off knowledge received from shows, the spirit of the hosts, and fame.

13 of the Best Books on Meditation

A list of renown or highly-rated meditation books. Classics and new works included.

Increase your Self-Reliance With This One Trick

We rely on our phones for too much. We’re addicted. Pick one day a week for a phone timeout. At least a few hours.

Why Should you Worry? 10 Reasons to Never Worry About Anything Again

Why Should you Worry? 10 Reasons to Never Worry About Anything Again

Worrying contains no advantages. Worry for a moment then figures it out. Or meditate. These are ten reasons to never worry again.

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Good luck in your new decade.

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